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Darwin award candidate (real)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. PMSL, that is Karma on so many levels. LOL
  2. yip!

    i got an email of suposed true 911 calls. the winner call went like this;

    op; 911 what is your emergency?
    twit; i cant breath, struggling for air.
    op; where are you?
    twit; pane street phone box
    op; are you asthmatic?
    twit; no
    op' what were you doing before you made this call?
    twit; running from the police.
  3. Like you said about the Wheelies/Erectile Dysfunction thread: Only in America. :LOL:
  4. Well shooting your self in the groin in order to get away from the police is logical, isn't it? Jeez you people are hard to please :LOL:
  5. ha ha!

    the coppas could av caught up to him, shot in the parts then 'found' him later on.' [not bloody likely]

    i saw a doco d other day about a gun man who hijacked a bus and shot 4ish people. he died 'mysteriously' in d ambo on d way to d hospital. no one was charged or questioned heavily about it.