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Darwin air specials

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Z900, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Well i have always wanted to go to darwin and now mw and kazz are going in feb :grin: Nine days $630 dollars includung accomadation what a bargin.

  2. Apparently Darwin is awesome.

    My parents toured a bit of the top-end and they reckoned I'd have loved Darwin: because they're all about the tourism deal, the night-life rules and there's plenty of cheap good food and drink around to cater for the backpacking market... not to mention accomodation.

    Have a ball, dude! Take photos! :)
  3. Darwin Rocks......................

    I would move back there 2morrow if me and the boss lady could both get decent jobs..
  4. :shock: Thats a far gin bargain :dance: we got back couple weeks ago,loved it :cool: mind you just after we went or booked a big tourism promo started,and you got the good end of that stick,guess which 1 we got [-( air fares alone melb-Darwin,Alice to Melb were about 600 bucks,each :? Then accomadation was 1fiddy a night in nice 4 star hotel.So yeah,youve done well. :grin: Do a kakadu tour!!!!
  5. Hey Z900, have you got further info on this package?
  6. Great place but a little small. If you are there for more than a few days look into trips to do. On and off I have spent yonks up there.

    One thing you have to check out is Cullen Bay. There is a restaurant/cafe/bar called Buzz's on the marina. Make sure you use the "facilities", it is a sight to behold. :LOL:
  7. Is that using the Tiger airways $79 one way to Darwin deal?
  8. Darwin is one of my favourite places in Australia. Not too big and it's easy to get around. I loved Howard Springs.

  9. Hey holster It was jet star specials $79 each way and accomadation booked seperatly at free spirit.Cabin with a/c pool and kitchen $99 double etc etc.
  10. well considering we moved down to Melbourne from Darwin only last October I can safely say Darwin ROCKS

    miss it like crazy!!! and home sick all the time

    especially when riding in COLD WINDY rain instead of nice warm torrential rain :LOL:

    easy traffic with no up your bum drivers (except maybe young AJ's and AJ wives) no horn tooting just because its included in the vehicle accessories :roll: and 15 minutes to the centre of Darwin from Howard Springs during peak hour traffic :grin:

    OH and have I mentioned Happy Valley raceway??
    OHHH and the ultimate during the wet season
    MUD RACING!!!!!!!!
    Go Doris the Pink Pig!!! (disguised Scat 4wd)

    *sigh* have I mentioned yet I miss Darwin??
    Have fun everyone who goes up there

  11. isn't it a sausage fest in darwin?
  12. I would love to visit the place.
  13. Wot they all said plus some. That's why we call the place home :grin:

    Feb is when the wet season is really getting into gear, awesome storms rolling in late afternoon, (its not reeeally raining till you cant see the other side of the street), might even bung on a bit of a cyclone. Best thing is the rain is warm.

    Feb is also a bit quieter tourist wise than mid-year, too hot/humid for the grey nomads, so most of the sights are not crowded. If your budget will stretch do a flight over Kakadu with a Yellow Waters cruise, the waterfalls are all booming and you will get to see all the biggies in the day.

    Some of Litchfield swimming areas may be closed depending on the amount of rain we've had but there are always some open and the sights are great.

    Nightlife is still good on Mitchell St as the Euro backpackers escaping their winter have discovered our little secret.

    Sorry, sound like a tourism promoter. Nah, just love the place. Moved up for an 18 month posting 21 years ago & never left :LOL:
  14. So when we posted few weeks back asking all the Netrider NT riders for a list of must sees and a dink :evil: where were you guys then [-(
  15. hehe personally I'd rather die a thousand deaths than step foot in the NT again. I'm looking into the $499 return to Singapore tickets Tiger are offering :)
  16. Sorry mate, can't answer for the other Darwin members, but I didn't see your post at the time as we were interstate for some sad family stuff.

    Hope you enjoyed your stay anway :)
  17. Cool keep the comments coming on best places to visit and things to do :grin:
  18. I forgot about the MUD RACING you just reminded me 2 find the video footage i have from 2004 i think.

    I can't wait to get back for a holiday soon and with $79 airfares coming up in December looks like we might be heading there over the xmas break.