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Dartmouth Dam Sunrise

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Exonoesis, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I had a trip with a friend planned to go down through the snowy mountains and since my bike is un-ridable due to my accident i couldn't go. ended up getting a message from him while he was down there that his fuel pump was having a few issues on his bike, so i packed up and headed down to Dartmouth in my car via Albury/Wadonga. arrived there last night around 7 and had a lovely meal at the pub.

    Cutting a long story short Dartmouth has Victoria largest dam a staggering 180meter high wall, i woke up early to catch this magical sunrise, hope you enjoy.

    if you have a good internet connection blow it up to 720p/1080p
    To all the people looking for a go pro this is unedited-ed footage. a photo taken every 5 seconds for a hour. a worthwhile investment.
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  2. very nice.
  3. Good job mate=D>
  4. Dam nice. I'll have to give that setting a try.
  5. hmmm ... I'll have to try that. Seems I've been using that feature for the wrong thing....