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Darn Stickers!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by blue_muppet, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. The previous owner of my bike decided it was a good idea to put a few stickers on it.

    I on the other hand don't like stickers on my bike (especially when they are skateboarding brands like "independent") so I thought i'd take them off today.

    Everything was going swell until it came to the independent sticker on the front fender. Half of it came off but the other half left a very very thin layer or crap that mucks up the colour. It stands out like a sore thumb so i'd really like to remove it.

    I've heard lemon essence works wonders on stickers. Would this be ok to put on bike paint work. Stupid question I know but i'd sure as hell like to ask and sound like a knob then ruin my bike :p

  2. 3M make some stuff in a black can you can get from art supply places. This stuff is an adhesive solvent, so a spray and a wipe is generally enough to remove even the worst solvent-based glue.

    Used it for the past 10 years or so. Never seen it attack paint, but try it on a small patch first.

    Dear as poison - about $12, but does the job when nothing else will.

    Don't let the chromers near it though.
  3. Alittle bit of metho should get it off sweet as pie. I'd assume it is a 2pac spray job on the bandit?? If so then i don't think the metho will ruin it. DON'T and i repeat DON'T use tea tree oil. This works extremely well at removing goo, HOWEVER, it leaves little pock marks in plastics (i'm assuming the fender is plastic).

    Or you could try "Sticky Goo Remover". That stuff is THE BOMB!!
  4. name? where to get it?
  5. Stick to it!!!
  6. Use the magic WD40 to remove the sticker resin.

    I've remove window tints, 8 year old stickers with WD40 its great stuff.
  7. I suggest you use Citrus Clean which can be found at any Repco Store. I forget how mych it costs but is brilliant, won't hurt the paint, smells nice and has a whole host of other uses around the home. Is great for removing adhesive residues and grease of a number of different surfaces.
  8. hmmm I have WD40 at home right now. Has anybody other than "uzz32" had experience with this and getting sticker goo of plastic fenders?
  9. A word of warning, people have a habit of covering up scratches with a well placed sticker :idea:
  10. ^^^ Yeah I know but these stickers where placed purely for looks and brand label placement. I made a note of where the stickers where when I was looking at the bike.

    Front Fender: Independent sticker
    Rear tailight: Some weird thing jumpin gover a toadstool (clear)
    Frame: Stupid skate stickers. eg globe ect.

    All of them came off really cleanly except the independent sticker on the front fender. I'll try the WD40 method later tonight I think.

  11. Yeah, used to be part my living as a sign-writer.

    I used to use VARX, you can get it from any sign supply store.

    I've heard of the stuff nil_orally and sounds like it's pretty good, but have never tested it out.

    I used to use metho, works well on every thing except Suzuki paint!!! Suzuki is renowned for using crap paint, and metho acts as a solvent, so be wary when using it.

    Failing all of the above eucalyptus kicks arse for goo removal, but may dull the paint a little, easily bought back to life with a quick polish


  12. I was told that a product called "goo-off" or something like that (available at bunnings) was really good

    never actually tried it out though
  13. thats the FIRST thing i use every time. WD40, RP7 etc etc seems to get sticky crap off better than most solvents in most cases. spray a little on, wait a minute or two and then give it s quick scrub with a rag, easy as that :D
  14. "Big Kev's Sticky Spot Remover."

    Expect to get comments if your mates see it lying around the house. :)
  15. Eucalyptus oil gets my vote too. Removed heaps of stickers from the 4x4 with it, and it worked well.. As an added benefit, your nasal cavities will be clear too! :wink:
  16. Gets my vote too. Cheap as chips and obtainable anywhere.
  17. Try Dissolve-It. works really well.
  18. Bugger bugger bugger!

    I just tried the old WD40 method and it didn't do anything. On a closer inspection, it seems that the sticker has actually pulled the paint off my fender!

    Their is a perfect outline of half a independent sticker. FFOOOOKKKKEN HELL!

    Curse stickers and their paint removing properties!
  19. I always heat the decal first, using a heat gun (or hair dryer if you have one), then simply remove the sticker and wipe away any sticky residue with a little eucalyptus oil and rinse.

    Tip is not to have the heat gun set too high and don't hold it in one spot for too long, you don't want to bubble the duco.

    Try this, it works well.