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darn Pushie

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kingy, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    Christmas Eve i Decided to go for a little blat through the Natho before my Family and Friends turned up in the Arvo for a bite to eat...

    i was going around 80kph came up to a blind 55k corner slowed down to 60kph i turn the corner to see 2 pushies ridding in my lane heading straight towards me.. i hit the brakes and seeing it was early morning the natho road was still green.. back wheel locked up hit the white center line and over i went...

    ended up on the ground with the bike on top of me pinning me to the road on a blind corner.. all i was worried about was a car coming around that corner and wiping me out... the pushie riders realized what they have done and pulled the bike off me... i called the old man and mum they drove up to get me and dad to ride my bike back... ended up with Torn Ligaments in my right ankle and a bruised ego.. that's it... bike has a few scratched marks on the exhaust.. no biggy ...
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  2. You should have called the police. Time and time again I have seen (and been a victim of) the dangerous riding practices of cyclists in the RNP. - They ride 3, 4 or 5 abreast, blocking the road and causing a very real hazard to motorists, yet I have never, ever seen the worthless coppers there doing anything about it.
    I long for the day that I hear a GoldWing has hospitalised a few of those lycra-clad posers.
  3. Your in NSW, right????
    Calling the cops is not going to get the lycra wankers into trouble.
    The cops will only see that you crashed your bike, "failure to maintain adequate control"...and the cash register goes "kaaaaaching"
  4. yeh mate in NSW...... the time the bike slid from underneath me i was maybe doing 10ks very slow drop my leg and hip took all the impact.... lucky i have private health i suppose... now to spend nye and rest of my hollies on my ass .... that's the real killer
  5. I still don't understand why you dropped the bike?
  6. because i am not as skilled or as tough as you raven
  7. naaah, maybe he's just wonderin' why you didnt clean the f...wits up :p
  8. the Royal National park roads are Green with MOSS ... very slippery even on a 30deg day.. i went out when it was already drizzling... its crazy slippery in there
  9. Merry Christmas Kingy, glad you're OK mate, Dog I hate those lycra clad bum bandits,

    G'Day Raven merry xmas to you too mate, it might have something to do with Kingy's ride being a 750 cruiser with a rear drum brake and forward controls, sadly they don't perform like a sportsbike with dual discs and a more controlled riding position.. well that's my opinion anyway..
  10. ahh man, sorry to hear that... That sounds proper pants :(
  11. I don't think either of you have come close to getting what Raven was getting at...

    Reading the OP the question still isn't answered, and it is a fair one that any rider who comes off should be asking themselves. There are 2 facets to it... One is what physically happened and how the bike went down... That isn't explained. i.e. Front lockup and washout... Locking the rear in itself doesn't really explain.

    For number 2, here is a hint. What if you were going around a blind corner in the twisties and there happened to be a fallen tree across the road with no indication before hand? What then and if you came off, who's fault would it be?

    The type of bike has no bearing in these sort of questions.
  12. Occasionally as I blat through the twisties I wonder how I would react to see a tree or a car across the road round the next bend. As usual, it doesn't matter whose fault it is, it matters how you react to the situation to minimise harm to yourself and your bike.

    I must say I do wonder why two pushies would be heading up to a blind corner on the wrong side of the road.
  13. Hugh?...No need for aggression mate. It was a genuine question, because I do not understand how the two pedal bikes effected what you were doing.

    Got nothing to do with 'tough'...what is THAT all about? Just a silly superfluous dig I guess....(groan)

    Anyway, good on ya. Glad you weren't too badly injured.
    I'll take my leave and move on.
  14. G'day Nobby. :) Merry Xmas mate...did 'mrs Santa', get you something nice (I hope) :)
    Ok mate, that helps build a better picture in my mind of the circumstances.

    And I was also asking it rhetorically, that might help the OP with a bit of navel gazing. As you would understand from your own long term experience, it's a healthy thing to do - reflect on things and try to analyse our actions etc..

    Hope we all have a good new year for 2012. :))
  15. Some of us suffer from dropsy disease
  16. I just rode the full length of the National park in Sydney 3 times in last two days

    Honestly it didn't impress me at all as a place to ride simply because of the traps and pitfalls such as the shit condition of the road with all the potholes and corrugations ,moss , sticks, waterfalls across the road, pushbikes, cars, idiots in lycra and so on - however didnt see a single police car there

    I would do the park on a motard and enjoy it but spirited riding on a cruiser tourer or sports -- nah not at all just go slow and enjoy the scenery
  17. You're not wrong, Takamii. It is pretty much a goat track, these days. Some of the ruts/potholes are horrendous.
    The thing is, though, it is conveniently located and it is a real shame that the authorities have no interest in maintaining it.
  18. the natho is my back yard i live in heathcote and my back fence backs onto the park... i know the park like the back of my hand.. i even learnt how to drive a car in there.... over the yrs it has become alot worse. the road surface is not what it use to be and alot more traffic use this road.... those 3 S bends just before the Waterfall turnoff are used on week nights for Drifters . and there is a straight near the Geari beach turn off used for Street Drag Racing... not to mention there are a few new houses getting built done bundeena so big trucks are used to get the goods down there ... all these 3 things cause wear and tear on the road surface... as for HOW DID I DROP THE BIKE i thought i cleared that up.... Road was GREEN (slippery and wet) come around a blind corner 2 pushies in my lane heading towards me what they where doing i dont know.. i hit the brakes mid corner bike stood up and rear wheel locked.. i grab to much rear brake.. the rear locked tyre hit the white wet slippy line markings making the rear end unstoppable.. i put my leg down and the rest is history....
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  19. I think with people like these, you just gotta setup and collect them. No use losing your own life, they need to learn.
  20. What 55kph blind corner is there in the national park :-s

    Point aside, cyclists in the park are a huge problem as I've also seen the lycra heroes riding 3 and 4 abreast. Here are my personal favorites:

    1) Equip Stiebel air horn. Prime before going for ride, ensuring lots of air is inside for ready use. Slow approach when lycra heroes are spotted and blast horn from rear for a good 1-2 seconds, pause, then repeat twice more. Laugh and ride off. They will think death is approaching them in the form of a ****ing Mack truck bearing down on their candyasses.

    Given they are riding illegally, in an unsafe manner and causing an obstruction on the road, use of the horn to warn of your approach in this situation is both advantageous and appears legal :D

    2) Slow to approach from rear. Pull alongside, raise visor and scream obscenities. Generally they are too puffed to get a word out, continue riding.
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