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Darksiding... grrr...

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by diomac, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Sorry just want to vent because more and more I am seeing people friends and all, normally sensible people putting car tyres on the back of their cruisers.

    people complain about squids, but to me this is far far worse... it's bloody dangerous and stupid imo. There is a reason most dealers refuse to do it, and it'll never pass a safety inspection. They degrade the stability and handling of the bike, and you can kiss your insurance good bye.

    They will wonder why the sidewall blows out or they lose traction going around a corner on a square edge and have to pick their face up out of the gutter or worse why they are in ICU.

    It's really scary people are doing this just thinking about the extra milage they might get and that a car tyre is cheaper without thinking about what it will do to their safety and bikes performance.
  2. When I first heard about darksiding I thought the idea was kind of cool.
    It's a cruiser, not a performance bike, what should I care?
    Then I got some nasty bridgestones fitted front and rear (thanks local dealer I bought my bike from, I'm not coming back) and realised just how much traction made a difference to the handling of the bike.
    Since then I've gone to top of the line metzlers fore and aft (and for less money, thanks GC Motorcycles) and have gotten absolutely stunning handling.
    Anyone who's riding darkside and says it doesn't make a difference is just a numpty waiting to have an accident.
  3. That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard.

    Welcome to the Darwin Awards.. Sign here please.
  4. Oh look - the gene pool needs to be chlorinated again ... oh well.
  5. I didnt know that wankers were putting car tyres on bikes, Braindead,
  6. you can do this?
  7. The resources of stupidity are unmatched.

    So, yeah.
  8. Im getting some for my bike Thanks for the tip guys
  9. must be a QLD thing
  10. ...straightline pilot thing.
  11. Thought this would help this thread...
    Such a stupid idea.... lol

  12. would they fit on my daytona?
  13. Wow glad to misinformation and misunderstanding is not dead, maybe you guys need to read some of the major Cruiser Forums, with guys that have done this for years and they are still not dead, sheesh not as if they fit the average astra tyre to they're rockect, normally low profile sports tyres.

    Opinions are like assholes
  14. How well does a cruiser with a flat square tyre corner?

    Sure it can look impressive, but it is about going in a straight line right?
  15. Can I put bike tyres on my car???? :)
  16. Oh god! Heaps of people cut their springs in cars to lower them, mix crossplys with radials (on street/strip cars), run wheel spacers, run wheels that are too big and foul at full suspension travel or full lock. Just because some morons manage to get away with it doesn't mean it's remotely acceptable and this is what brings scrutiny to modified cars and bikes.

    If your going to drag race your bike and it passes ANDRA scruitineering then great, but I'd bet it wouldn't.
  17. I don't see why it wouldn't it's still a tyre...

    A lot of American Cruiser riders do this mainly for tyre life, I've never heard of anyone doing it for looks, When you read American forum a lot blokes factor in getting new tyres during a tour because those long distances on arrow straight roads stuff them up.

    There's a technical right up somewhere on why it's not as stupid as you might think.

    I'm not sure myself, but it's hardly the lunacy that you lot seem to be implying.
  18. There is a world of difference between a cruiser running down the slab in a straight line,
    to a high powered sports big ripping through the twisties,

    Try car tyres on a Blackbird, Busa Or GSX 1400.

    Then you will know why, you cant put car tyres on a sports bike,

    On a cruiser, you could put on old tyres from last century,
    They dont corner, so tyres are irrelevent, any thing goes.
    And I have ridden plenty of crusers in my time,
  19. Flame on sir troll, flame on.