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Darkside: Super, ultra, hypermiling tyre

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by BitSar, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Over the years I've heard of the "Dark Side Tyre" phenomenon.........
    Some sort of clandestine, motorcycling sub-culture with a cut-throat initiation.........

    I've heard of Dark Side evangelists. but never met one.......

    Tales From the Dark Side: Putting Car Tires on Motorcycles | Rider Magazine

    TrafficSafe Investigates Riding on the Dark Side

    Mounting Car Tires on Motorcycles - Shop Talk | Motorcycle Cruiser

    And then, yesterday, walking through Melbourne CBD I spotted an FJR with an unusual looking hoop.

    A "Dark Sider".....


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  2. I could it being a somewhat less of a stupid idea on a gold wing which scrapes at 10deg, but on a sports tourer? madness
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    Agreed......most of the tales I've heard are from Goldwing, ST1100, ST1300, Valkyrie and the likes....

    But an FJR? That'd be like putting a block of wood on the rear.......
  4. I can't see how that can possibly be better than using tyre designed for motorcycles. And having ridden a couple of bikes with 'squared off' tyres the sensation of 'falling' off the lip is exceedingly sphincter puckering, I can't see how it can be safe.
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  5. First time reading about this dark sider thing, but the main reason they do it is for economy. I would imagine you have to ride it like a trike. I wonder what kind of a mechanic would be willing to do the work though and if you crash who knows what happens regarding insurance.

    Also interesting to see the rider still has his rego sicker on after so long.
  6. Apparently you get really high mileage, so yeah - economy. Not that I would ever be tempted to try it though.
  7. I can see how it'd be great if you're riding straight roads - but no thanks.
  8. Nullarbor Plain anyone!
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  9. Put it on in Adelaide, take it off when you get back. The only place in WA it won't work is Wanneroo Raceway.
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  10. There were quite a few being run on the iron butt rally. The bikes do 17000+ kms in 11 days on that and they dont want to stop for bald tyres, honesty if it was a safety issur they would see it in the crashes One guy on the fjr forums said that he got a muscle thing happening he didnt have last time though. Car tyres need more input from steering.

    I would probably run one if i did 50000 plus kms annually.
  11. There was a thread on netrider a while ago. those that had tried it seemed to think it wasn't as bad as it looks.
  12. What if they put them on so they can get more tyre life for performing rolling burnouts. Geez you economy guys are boring.
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  13. Hypermilers do all sorts of crazy, unsafe and blatantly stupid acts to reduce the fuel consumption of their vehicles.
  14. I am thinking of it on a Burgman 650 for a few reasons, economy will be the last on the list.
    One being that the load carrying rating for a MC tyre is not that high, rating 65 or 290kg for the OEM tire and the bike itself weighs 270kg so there is nothing left for a rider let alone a pillion.
    Secondly is because of limited choice of MC tyres for the rear, in Australia there is a $245 Pirelli , a Michelin for $156 and the OEM Bridgestone TH01 for $180.
    All of these tyres wear fast, the pirelli from all reports is the worse the Michelin is not much better and the TH01 is at least two a year for me and the load rating will still be an issue.

    The OEM tyre I have been using, Bridgstone TH01 has now been discontinued and other owners who have used the replacement are saying that it is not as good with poor handling and grip and a different profile and after speaking with the Australian importers, there are none of the old TH01 available.
    Why then would I pay a premium price for a MC tire that
    1) cant carry load
    2) doesnt last and
    3) doesnt work as well as its predecessor.

    My way of thinking is if I want a tyre that has handling issues (majority of actual users claim there is no issue) then I may as well use a car tyre.
    Added bonus is it is load rated for vehicle and passenger 425kg car tire vs 290kg MC tire
    Extra added bonus is longevity of tyre.
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  15. You do realise that the only time your 290kg rated tyre would see the 270+kg of you and the entire motorcycle would be when you're pulling mingers, yes?

    Otherwise, how do ~1100kg cars get around on the 425kg rated tyres?
  16. Sure, though I did think that the rear would carry a lot more of that load than the front, especially two up and it still doesn't get away from the fact that the "new" Bridgstone tyre is apparently a no go and a fast wearing Pirelli is not an option (its a scooter FFS not a race bike)
  17. I have to admit to being surprised at seeing an FJR on the dark side. but, without any further info, one has to assume that the rider is a grown-up lad or lass, capable of making their own decisions, for whatever reasons.

    The Dark Side bit that always made sense to me was the Triumph Rocket Three.

    For that, the economics make it fairly simple.

    I have followed a mate on his Rocket through a series of bends, and, viewed from the back, it does look pretty scary, but, <shrug> he's happy with it.
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  18. I guess my next question would be if I did decide to give this a try, (if the TH01 was still available I wouldn't be) where would you get it done in Brisbane?
    I have called a few places who didnt want to know but there must be someone as I to have seen bikes with them on so someone must do it.
  19. I've ridden chops with car tyres on the back (way back when wide bike tyres were much harder to obtain and staggeringly expensive). They took a bit of getting used to but the whole experience wasn't anything like as bad as you might expect.

    The kind of bikes that it's done to tend not to be those likely to be owned by fckwit noobs who know no better, so I'd concur with Cam that the rider is presumably old enough and experienced enough to know what they're doing. I assume that they've made a rational decision on what works for them and their riding. To assume that they haven't is, frankly, insulting and patronising. The legality of it is questionable (actually, it's not really; I'm pretty sure any reasonable interpretation of the AVSR would forbid it) but given that the general feeling on NR is that it's OK to break the law when convenient, I don't see that as an argument that can reasonably be used here.

    As for fitting one, I know it's a radical concept, but there are still folk around who are capable and willing to fit their own tyres, so it's entirely possible the owner made with the levers him/herself.
  20. This guy seems to show no handling issues by darksiding

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