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Dark + rain = Can't see shit, captain.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Ended up riding home visor-up… any suggestions for something to make the rain roll off?

  2. Nup. In 21 years, I've never been able to see shit in dark, wet conditions either. I've never had RainX work, however many times I've applied it according to the instructions.

    Only thing I've found that helps at all is a clean visor and a clean wiping finger on my left glove.
  3. Ride faster! The water will just fly off your visor.=D>
  4. Hmmm… rainx specifically says not to use on plastics, I guess that's why that didn't work :) Hopefully someone will chime in with a magic answer though, and we can both benefit.
  5. Used a shit ton of windex on my goggles while playing paint ball, stoped them from fogging up and the water sticking for a while, might help. If your on a quiet street with bad lighting, don't be afraid to use your high beems, gives you a few extra "seconds of vision" if that make sence, has saved me from running over several drunk twits a few times now.
  6. ... (y)

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  7. I shit you not........spray on some Mr Sheen polish as found on the supermarket shelf. Anything over about 20kph and the wind blows off the water and you can see. I also recomend using the "spring bouquet" out of all the Mr Sheen's as it makes your helmet smell nice too.
  8. Quite a wet ride home tonight hey? Great timing for the rain clouds to be rolling in at 6pm.

    Rainex works. You just gotta keep applying it.
    And do the inside of the visor with shampoo to stop the fogging.

    And yup, ride faster to beat the rain.

    Other than that, just relax, breath slow, stay focused and you should be home in no time.
  9. I use turtle wax. Seriously
  10. I have rigged a small wiper blade to slip over my left thumb when riding in the rain, every so often I swipe the visor with it.
    I also wear a fogoff mask so that the visor does not fog up.
    Visibility is not as shit then.
  11. i swear we've had more rain in Melbourne this year than the last 200 years combined.
    all those wax treatment things do work, for a little while.. but as soon as get get any crap on your visor, just general road grime, it smears... and then you try and wipe your visor at the lights and just smear shit everywhere.
    you can get little squidgees that slip over a thumb or finger of a glove, have'nt tried them, but they're cheap.. just i don't know where you'd buy them here.. theres diferent types, some slip on, some velcro.
    some gloves have a little rubber wiper blade on the back of a finger too.

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  12. Just make one from and old wiper blade and a bit of velcro and glue.

  13. Smee, are you going to change your avatar to MacGyver? 8-[
  14. I pulled up at a set of lights in Wellington st, St Kilda where there is normally a homeless guy who cleans windscreens etc whilst cars are stopped at the traffic lights. The rain had stopped and I thought it would be sweet to let him clean my visor, shoe shine my boots and maybe buff up my leather jacket but he was no where in sight. Didn't know this guy worked under the same rule as tradies: Rain drops, work stops. Rude........no more pennies for him.

  15. His name's George, nice fella :)
  16. perhaps if you ask smee nicely grue, he will make you a finger squidgee too.
  17. Pledge, Mr Sheen, Turtle Wax etc are Bad for perspex. Long term issues with chemical interaction, etc, for a short term gain in a clean visor!

    The best two plastic cleaners are Plexus and 210, both of which have water repellent properties as well as excellent cleaning characteristics. I used them on my aircraft windscreens and transparencies for years, with great results and no long term fading/discolouration such as other aircraft had with Mr Sheen.

    Another tip for good cleaning: always clean in one direction, not in a circular motion. If you rub/clean with a circular motion you will have micro scratches in all directions, guaranteeing that some will reflect light. If you only clean in one direction, then there will only be one direction that light can reflect of the micro scratches.

    A lot of winter gloves have a squeegee strip on the left thumb, which can be used to clear drops off the visor when all else fails; much like the slip on wipers discussed. Amazing how many riders don't know that they're there!
  18. VuPlex, applied whenever I have a dirty visor at home. Usually it's fine for afternoon rain as long as the morning is dry. Just turn your head and the water runs off. It's only good for one wet ride though, as soon as that dirty road spray dries, you're stuffed.
  19. I also use Plexus/Vuplex on all my visors and seems to work a treat. Again, as mentioned, moving your head side to side at speed tends to assist in removing rain particles from visor, just as it does with newly-'landed' insects. Speed is a wonderful assistant.

    Grue, you had me in stitches though mate coz the title of your thread is something I've said to some blokes on my left on a dark, cold, stormy night :)