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Dark green Commodore ute (OCK534) tried to wipe me out

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by cragv, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. 4:21pm today: So I was rolling toward the intersection of Albert Rd and Kings Way ('C' on the map), turning right onto Kings Way. Three lanes turn right. I had a choice of who to split in front of:
    - In the far left was a green Commo ute, single person in the car (~40y/o bogan-looking working man; kinda crazy ginger hair, looked like he'd be a VB slab-a-day kinda guy).
    - In the middle lane was an old box-shaped Nissan Skyline or Bluebird (Pintara maybe?), but its nose was over the white line and in the pedestrian lane.

    I decided the ute was low-to-med risk of being speedy, but when compared to sitting out in front of the Nissan, I decided to take the risk and split anyway, rather than simply sitting behind him like I would do maybe 50% of the time (ain't hindsight a wonderful thing). I don't split everywhere I go, only when there's plenty of room to do it, lots of time left on the lights, and I feel like it. It's far from compulsive behaviour for me!

    Anyway, VB Slabber took exception to my sitting in front of him - a 1200cc bike is sure to be slower than a mobility scooter - so he decided he'd better get really agro to show how unhappy he was at not being in front anymore. He hit the horn and gestured angrily, mouthing off and angrily shouting at me through his windscreen. I looked around me and decided I could safely move to the next lane, out of his way. Making no gestures or showing my displeasure in any way (did not shake my head, I moved slowly, etc. - was basically as passive as one could possibly be), I gently rolled out of his way and into the middle turning lane. I could still see him in my left mirror, and noticed he seemed to settle down. Good (at this point, we're up to 'D' on the map).

    The light went green and I decided to take off quickly around the corner anyway, just to show I wouldn't have been a slow starter. To my (admittedly, mild) surprise, he floored it too, and I could hear his V8 firing loudly behind me. What really did surprise me was not that he tried to race me, oh no, that would have been far too wimpy. He decided to use his car as a bulldozer, pushing me out of my lane and into the far right one as we went round the corner, giving his engine a bootfull in the process. I don't know what he thought he'd do if I wasn't watching him or getting out of his way - I might have ended up under his back wheel, who knows. I pinned my throttle (was in 2nd) and powered out of the corner and pulled away from him. Thankfully he backed off his accellerator, so I did too. Round the next corner to the next set of lights, I unfortunately ended up in the lane he wanted to be in - he rolled in behind me, head down and apparrently fiddling with stuff on his seat. Thankfully, his immature rage had obviously subsided now he'd tried to kill me once and failed. He became just another passive driver in the traffic around me after that (making no eye contact or anything)...

    ...until as I turned off that road a few streets later, he tried to ram me again!! This time he nearly succeeded in taking me out, and I only just got around the corner and out of his way in time! (This was 'F' on the map). He thundered off in a straight line down Toorak Road as I just made it out of the way of his bumper on my left turn onto Punt Road.

    I knew better than to stay in front of him after the first episode and should have turned off when I had the chance, rather than continuing on straight where he was likely to still be behind me. I had been more nervous than angry until this second attempt at hitting me, but now a flood of anger washed over me. I have a cool head on the road in general, and not once did I instigate anything (apart from when I 'started it' by splitting in front of his stationary car). I made no gestures, did not rev my engine, didn't shake my head - nothing that I might have done to show I was annoyed. Indeed, once he showed his initial displeasure, I even got passively out of his way. I dunno why he was so agro, but man it made me mad after he tried to hit me the second time, after he'd had a good two minutes plus to cool off.

    Description: anglo complexion, ginger/sandy hair in a bit of a bogan-like mane behind his neck.
    Car: dark green VR/VS V8 Holden Commodore ute, rego OCK-534.
    Last seen: heading down Toorak Rd at about 4:25pm, accellerating hard across the intersection and into the 40-zone after failing to kill me a second time.

    I looked over my shoulder after avoiding death a second time with the sole intention of taking a mental photograph of the back of his ute. Gah. Thanks for reading. /rant.

    [EDIT] - Short version: some dude in a ute tried to ram me (twice!) after losing his temper. I didn't die.
  2. Wow, that is full on. Got any witnesses? From the threads I've read on here thus far, cops can't/don't do shit in situations like this unless you do :roll: :cry:

    Few things to consider
    - Hoon hotline. Car will easily come under scrutiny (V8). Dunno how it all works but likely SOMETHING will happen.
    - EPA. Did anything happen to fall from or be thrown from his car? If you report him, along with numerous other info (all of which is in your OP), here: http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/litter/reporting_litter_from_a_car.asp , he will get an on the spot fine.
    - Will you ever see this prick again?

    Also, you sure you got the right rego mate? I chucked it in on the Vic Roads site and I get "You have entered a registration plate number that is not currently in use". If you DO have the right one, the cops may actually do something as it may be an unregistered vehicle :shock: .

    Most importantly though, glad you're OK - could've been much worse :evil:
  3. Thanks mate. I appreciate the sentiment. To answer:

    - I don't think I'll see him again. If I do, I'll just evade. I honestly haven't done anything to him (not so much as a shake of my head) so unless he thinks I'm someone else who he actually wants to kill, I suspect I'll be fine.

    - He didn't chuck anything out of his car. I'm not interested in dobbing him in to anyone, BUT I don't want to see him cut sick on someone who comes off second best. Maybe he was high or something, I dunno.

    - I tried to check the rego on Vic Roads Vehicle Status Check a few times tonight but I keep getting 'Server unavailalbe' messages. If the rego is wrong, it may be OCK538 or OCK584 - I checked Vicroads as soon as I got home so I wouldn't forget, so am pretty sure I have the right plate, but since the service seems to be unavailable, I can't be 100%. I'm 99%+ though.

    - I don't really want to call the hoon hotline - after all, I did instigate by splitting, so for a highly-strung individual, I did actually give him a reason to throw a wobbly. Yes, he went disproprotionally out of control, even after I tried to immediately pacify him by getting out of his way, but even so, I 'started it'.

    Can you post the link for the site you're using to check his plates? Ta.
  4. Same one as you :cool:
  5. I guess there's two sides to every story, I'm not saying that you are making this up or purposely putting a slant to your story but I think, if you think he was in the wrong, go see the cops, posting rego & car details on here could see any wacko reading seek revenge on that car.

    If every cage-hater posts their interpretation of an incident and posts the car details, who knows what could happen.

    Now PM me the details and we'll hunt him down! :twisted:
  6. Mate sounds like you did everything right and his rage was fueled by you moving past him in stopped traffic, then moving out of his way? Overreacting in such an epic way suggests to me that he was probably on the absolute limit of anger whilst driving and he burst, deciding to take his anger out on you (a relatively easy target considering big car vs bike). Classic road rage, and it scares me as it shows there really are nutters out there who can snap like this.
  7. Yeah I take your point. I thought about it while I wrote the words 'agro' for him and 'gently' for me, etc. I know it is difficult to get an objective report for someone with a subjective involvement in a situation, but let's just say 'to the absolute best of my knowledge and judgement', I did zilch (after splitting) to inflame this guy's rage. That's the honest truth.

    Anyway, I'm not setting out to cut this guy down - I've put his rego out there so fellow Melbourne motorcyclists can be wary of someone who appears to be just a bit of a psycho. Nothing personal, but that's what I got to experience today!
  8. too many rego's ... sooo little memory.
  9. Happy for you to keep the rego details on here mate.

    Go to the cops. The more of these bastards we try and get off the roads the better. He may even have some previous history and your story might be all the cops need to take him down. You never know.

    Best of luck.
  10. go to the popo, tell him he threaten you (screaming in the car at you). Whether or not he intended to carry out that threat, (obviously he did intend) and he can actually be put in jail. Plus for dangerous driving. One thing is that you actually have to admit you lane split (somethign illigal)
  11. Thanks guys. I think I'll just let it go - I did start it by being in the wrong, so while he's a psychotic nutter, I can't really dob on him with a clear conscience.

    ...although when in the area today, I did catch myself a couple of times scanning traffic for him, against the odds and all. :LOL:
  12. Mate you need to seriously re-evaluate your risk analysis. :wink: In my experience any Commodore is a greater risk than most other models, add V8, ute and male driver into that equation and I would have gone the other lane!

    Not suggesting for a moment that you are to blame in any way for the incident though - sounds like a completely irrational over-reaction on his part, which it would be great to see him pay for somehow.

    Glad you got out of it OK.
  13. Your call, but if he'd got out and tried to stab you instead, would you still not report him?
  14. I know, I know. I'll think about it.
  15. FFS you weren't in the wrong! It's not illegal to filter!

    Do what you want, but when this fcukwit actually runs someone off the road and kills them then I hope your conscience suffers.
  16. It's mind boggling to think some scumbags are willing to use their cars to run you down for such minor stuff.

    crying mum in court you killed my son you bastard scumbags reply he shouldn't have filtered in front of me. :shock:
  17. Geez ease up mate. I appreciate what you're saying, and I said I'd think about it. It happened to me, not you, and I would like to get my head around it.

    As Johnny O said, there are two sides to every story. I'd like to make sure I have a clear idea of what happened in this case - and it seems for one, I'm having trouble with the licence plate, for example. I was sure it was OCK-534, but it isn't coming up on VicRoads site. Makes me want to be sure of myself.

    Did I misinterpret this guy's actions somehow? It's possible.

    I know I have plenty of my own faults, and I have bad days and good days, just like everyone else. My life philosophy has always been to give someone a second chance. No doubt, Dougz, you're getting upset reading this because my inaction here means this guy is still on the road. I understand this, which is why I said 'I'll think about it'. You need to let me do that.
  18. Would the police really be likely to do anything, given how many stories there are of them not doing anything even if someone causes an accident then drives off?