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Dargo to Bogong

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by katana, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. I am planning a trip into Birdsville in September so I thought I should get the butt in shape.
    I left home at 9.30am and headed for Dargo. Nice road with plenty of bends. Lots of bikes heading back towards Bairnsdale.
    From Dargo it was cold and a bit wet as I took my time across the high plains road. Good gravel road up to 80kph.
    Then turn left at Great alpine road and wind your way down to Harrietville and then Bright.
    Fish and chips for lunch and then head across the Tawonga gap road to Mount Beauty and re fuel.
    11ltrs filled the Transalp, which I thought was pretty good as I was giving it a bit of stick through Tawonga gap and Great alpine road corners.
    Then up and up and up to Falls creak and Bogong high plains then down down down to the Omeo hwy above Blue Duck.
    On from here to Omeo for a drink and then a quick zip home to Bairnsdale and a couple of stubbies at 5.30pm
    All up about 500ks

    Things I learnt for furture rides.
    1/ Watch out for old pricks in new Landcruises, taking racing lines.
    2/ Don't buy fish and chips this far away from the sea.
  2. Hi Katana,

    I haven't done the Dargo upwards section but had it on my list. What sort of condition is the road in?
  3. I've driven the Mt Hotham - Dargo route in an empty Hiace van several years ago which was interesting to say the least :shock:

    Still a heck of a lot quicker than going to Sale via Omeo & Bruthen.

    Besides, it was a company vehicle & I was being paid to be there :wink:
  4. The road from Dargo is tar up to the plains and then gravel. In parts I was doing 80kph and that was taking it carfully.
    I don't think I would like to ride it on a road bike but you could if you took your time. There is nothing steep or rocky, just gravel.
    I have a transalp which has trail type tyres on it.
  5. What were your thoughts on the High Plains Rd down the back of Mt Beauty?
    Rode it in a blizzard late last year, and the wet, combined with the wind, combined with the roadworks to seal it were almost impossible!
    Another good one is to turn left at this intersection and head back up to Mitta. From there, the possibilities are endless.....
    Cheers, Pete.
  6. The road down from Falls crk is nearlly all sealed apart from the bit from the dam to about where it starts to decend off the plains. Mabye 10ks.
    The sealed bit is covered in sreanings and is quite thick on some corners.
    Once they remove the sreanings it will be great.
    I might go across to Tallangatta on Tuesday and come back via Dederang, Tawonga gap, Mt Hotham, Omeo or mabye Benambra,Corryong road.