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Dargo Road Upgrade

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Story in todays Gippsland Times (4/9/09)
    Better than nothing :eek:
    Good news for us regulars. Better news for all others, if it comes off.

  2. I didn't think that it was that bad, to begin with. Whatever, ain't knocking it.

    I wish that they would look at sealing the road from Dargo to Hotham. It would save one of the most boring rides that we can endure when heading up that way, by bypassing Bairnsdale altogether.
  3. I queried that one Martin - there'a apparently one corner which has had a lot of people come off. Not sure where it is off hand but I'll check.
  4. Thanks. It'll be interesting to know which one it is.

    We're orgasmising a dirt/road bike ride to Dargo in October, possibly November. I'll see which ones could do with fixing.
  5. That is probably the double right hander (north) just past Billy Goat Bend Rd Posted as 30k. The first one is ok but the second one gets you if you've gassed it up.

    The surface is pretty good but if they can do something to keep the incompetent 4WD pilots on their side of the road that will be a good thing. Another plus will be stopping the timber jinkers dragging gravel across the corners. but thats something the truckies cant do much about.
  6. is that the corner where it nearly seems like they put the 30k sign 1 corner too early? my old man came across a bloke who put his zzr250 off the side there, luckily the guy didn't go with the bike.

    give me a buzz when you organise that dirt/road ride up there if thats ok, wouldn't mind to go for a ride with some new people.

    im heading up to dargo tomorrow morning, so i'll have a look around to see if theres signs of activity on the road.

    in reading the article in the gippy times, all that appeared to me was they were going to throw some new double lines in, with guardrails and some posts somewhere, not any work to the road surface. i guess its better than nothing though.

    they could always clean up all the stones that were left on the road from some kind of roadworks, makes it very slippery in the centre of the lane where car wheels dont go..
  7. I had an accident on the Dargo to Harrietville rd three years ago on the dirt section. Cruising at about 80ks on what appeard to be a smooth straight dirt section
    I suddenly found my self in a tank slapper on the Norton and went over the bars, when the dust settled I found the bike trashed, me in shock / pain etc. It turns out
    that what appeared a smooth surface was in fact a fine lawer of bulldust that concealed deep ruts from the constant 4WD traffic! A trap for young players maybe and
    a warning that all is not what it appears when traversing dirt roads.
    It was my lucky day though as a Bloke in a hi lux with a bike trailer came along not long after and we threw the commando on the back, he was also equipped with enough pain killers and whiskey to dull the pain. PTL.
    another lesson i learned that day is that that area is a mobi phone black spot. so if any one is considering doing a solo trip in this reigon an EPIRB would be a good investment.
  8. I'd say you have nailed it Jimmy.

    You pat yourself on the back for making the first corner only to go into sphincter spasms for the nest one if you're not careful.

    Jimmy gave a look and sign up at http://www.gippslandroadriders.net/ you can also give me a buzz one day if you're looking for a ride.
  9. Telstra have built a base station up on Gibralter Spur overlooking Dargo last year so Next G coverage should be a lot better in that part of the world now.

    Trick to using a mobile in the bush is to get to high ground so you don't have any hills or trees obstructing the distant base stations around you.

    Oh, think doing the Hotham-Dargo road on a bike is interesting try doing it in an empty Hiace van :shock: