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Dantes GSXR1100 movistar stolen in Tas.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dante, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Dantes GSXR1100 movistar stolen in Tas.

    Rego plate VUW 21 NSW registerd.

    see signature for picture of the bike.

  2. God dam it!!!!! Where was it when it was taken? I am so sick of bikes getting stolen! I think it is time to work out a way to stop this.
  3. right outside the house.

    my flatemates and i drove one of those 4 wheeled things out to the falls and come back n she was gone.

    it had an alarm. neigbours didnt hear it
  4. Fahn cahns!!!!!!

    That is not a common bike either - someone must have noticed it somewhere.

    Hope it gets recoverd, Dante. That sucks, dude :(
  5. its fully insured theft excess is 400 buckas with western qbe.
  6. Damn. Sorry to hear Dante. I hope you get it back, with not a single scratch on it.
  7. Sorry to hear mate, glad you had insurance ,but it will be hard to replace the movistar ,it was a great looking bike.
  8. Sorry to hear it mate...

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. nooooo, not that fabulous Suzi, mate??????????

    that makes me so ANGRY; I hope you get it back, keep us up to date please.
  10. Bugger

    Sorry to hear Dante

    Hoping the thieves get some karma dished out to them in the not too distance future :evil:
  11. Sorry to hear that Dante :(

    Not much consolation but at least you did the right thing and had insurance on it.

    I know people were wishing for an unscratched return, but I hope it falls on the bastard :evil:
  12. Bugger Dante, that is the pits :evil:

    I'm glad you have insurance, but that still doesn't make it feel any better :cry:
  13. That sux, mate: all the best for the best possible outcome.
  14. Duuuuuuuude!!!! That's pants.

    Find 'em, kill 'em, feed 'em to their family... :twisted:
  15. That sucks mate. :(

    I hope you get it back unharmed and that those responsible endure an extraordinarily slow and painful death. :)
  16. thought about putting up the pics on U tube or similar, every man + dog seems to be looking there.
  17. Damn, that sucks. :evil:

    Hope your baby's returned to you in once piece, Dante. And may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the perpetrator's crotch for the rest of his days!
  18. yes, this is the only occasion that the death penalty should be used :evil:
  19. Whats with Tassie, heaps of bike gone missing down there lately. :mad:
  20. fcuk arses...... Why cant people just fcuking leave shit alone. :evil: