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Danny green does Australia proud

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Danny green did australia proud tonight, defeating roy jones junior possibly 1 of the all time greats in 1 round, though jones was past his prime it was still a good effort.

    But where he did Australia proudest was not in the fight, but his speech after, humble gracious and full of praise and reminding the crowd of the stature of his opponent, no cringeing like after a mundine fight where he proclaims himself the greatest ever and belittles opponents it was all class.
    heres just a extract till i find the full speech

  2. Yeh, on the one hand very proud of Green but on the other, we see one of the boxing greats going over the hill...

    Both men still legends in boxing in my opinion and Green's speech shows just how down to earth a character he is. It is good to see that in a sport that is run so heavily on egos and trash talk.
  3. I thought that left of Jones was going to give Green some trouble, farken quick! I wouldnt say he's over the hill yet based just on that fight, I doubt many would be standing after a hit to the temple from ol concrete hands! Gracious in winning, as he's gracious in defeat (even when he's won!!)
  4. It's hardly unusual all boxers bang on about how good the the bloke they beat was...
  5. GO GREEN!! Im not really into Boxing, much prefer MMA however its great to see Green doing the Aussies proud and now i bet most of us are all waiting for him to knock the cocky head off mundine BOOYAH!
  6. somebody please upload that vid somewhere. I'd like to watch it when i get home tonight.

    Big D.Green fan.
  7. Being a Parra supporter, I'm viewing this as a win of sorts.
  8. Yeww UFC is hitting Sydney! Can't wait!

    Btw people we need more people to train at my gym so if anyone lives around the shire area and keen to get into mma or just want to do kickboxing or bjj or even if you just want a cheap cardio gym with a good personal trainer send me a PM.

    I was the only person training bjj this week and we have a purple and a black belt trainer who were basically giving me one on one training for the price of a normal class. Its a good gym but my trainer sucks at marketing.
  9. Not4Resale - being a complete numpty, what's the practical difference between Ju-Jitsu and Brazillian Ju-Jitsu? My old man used to teach JJ for years, but I've always been curious about the difference.
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  11. :woot: I read an interview not long ago and Dana White was saying he was organising an event for Australia for 2010 ,* so excited i could do a lil dance*
  12. You want style differences or the story behind the difference? The story is basically an expat japanese dude came over to brazil and taught some of the locals his style which I believe was Judo (can't remember how the name Brazillian jiu jitsu was derived).

    Bjj looks a lot like a mesh between traditional japanese ju-jitsu and judo with an emphasis away from weapons and strikes and more on ground wrestling. Its brilliant once a fight is on the ground and the bjj guy is good at avoiding getting hit from guard but it has neglected many of the traditional throws and strikes so its come into its own as a very strong ground wrestling art but for a complete fighter you will need some freestyle wrestling training and some stand up fight training to be practical.