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Danny Dumps Radio Programme...(quite long)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Geordielass, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Thats absolutely Gold!!!

    Especially the stuttering at the end!
  2. Is that for real? I don't know if it's funny or pathetic. :?
    Nicely done, she totaly deserved that.You can't give your boss a blowjob and expect your boyfriend to be nice about it. :)
    But then again, if the guy had any self respect he would"ve just said it to her face so maybe it works out best for both of them. :)
  3. It wouldnt suprise me to be honest - british radio tends to be a bit harsher when it comes to stuff like that - kind of a take on the old BBC days when they used to do 'Love in the Afternoon'... :grin: Have heard similar myself when I was living there...bit dodgy I know...

    Yeah using the radio to do your dirty work is a kinda cop out - but also lets loads more people know whats she's done...and I'm guessin he was wanting revenge in the harshest terms after finding out bout the christmas party... :oops:
  4. As with ANYTHING of this nature that happens on commercial radio, including all six versions of the the "where did you last have sex? Up the bum" story...


  5. Don't kill my buzz you negative posting gits!

    I loved it :D
  6. Brillant .. lil skank totally deserved it !! absolute gold .. or Platinum even :)