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Danish Speed Limit signs - Definitely NWS.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Geoff3DMN, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. And interesting campaign by the Danish to get motorists to pay attention to speed signs has raised some eyebrows in Europe (English commentary).



  2. Say what? A country that's has both a tolerant attitude to speed, and has topless girls holding speed limit signs?

    I think I just heard half of Australia's suit-cases getting packed.
  3. They called them "Bikini Bandits", but none of them where wearing one (If a pair of hotpants and nothing up top equates to a bikini, then where the hell have I been living?)
  4. Could also be construed as a message to check your headlights!
  5. Haha! I love Denmark! After living over there for a while, I can certainly agree that they do have a relaxed attitude on speeding. The main highway into Copenhagen is posted at 130km/h and you are allowed to go 30% over before you can get fined.

    Mind you, while I was there they changed the fine system and one of my mates got fined about 5000kr ($1200) for breaking the above rules.

    To tell you the truth, I would be very distracted by those girls!
  6. or to check you got dressed this morning before leaving the house :wink:
  7. I object! it seems to assume that everybody who speeds is male, and is therefore discriminatory. I reckon young girls are major culprits too, and they can't all be gay...(ok, maybe in Sydney)...
  8. i dont care what people say i think it is a fantastic idea.

    but then i am an 18yo male.
  9. I am forming a group much the same, anyone looking to 'get out there' and help is welcome :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Sorry Vic, you cant join :p

    Else, I'm packing my bags too ;) :p
  10. Well, at least they're making sure people are going *REALLY* slow in the immediate vicinity. Actually I'd probably stop altogether! :p
  11. There were speed limit signs in that clip?

    I didn't see them ^_^
  12. hehehehe boobies.
  13. That is truely the best country in the world.
  14. Truancy rate would drop as well :grin:
  15. I'd find myself speeding from one boobie to the next.
    They should have other girls to denote 'roundabouts', 'speedhumps', and the like.

  16. Excellent way to sign some of those tight curves on the Spurs. Maybe the aussie police should figure out 'TITS!' grabs the attention more so than 'slow down five saves something something'.
  17. Where the hell is LOZ ?
  18. Excellent idea! Maybe we could try it out in Australia. Start with some of these fine babe's holding up the "radar ahead" signs that are so easy to miss!
  19. Then there's 'breath testing',
    we can't leave out the obvious :p
  20. 15 minute power naps........
    ......mmmmm pillows.