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Dangers of motorbike riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony88, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to throw out another question, this time alot more simpler. How long have you been riding for, and how many accidents and serious incidents have you been involved in since you started. And also how many of them were your fault.

  2. 3 years
    3 accidents just regualar lacerations 2 from stunting, 1 minor one from a oil slick
  3. How much do I get paid for doing this survey?
  4. do a search. this shit has come up numerous times before.
    the one accident ive had that counts i sustained a fracture in my 4th metatarsal, and a slight abbrasion injury on my knee where the road wore through the kevlar jeans. other accidents ive had were stunting, or buggerising around on dirt on the road bike.
  5. You get to offer the people in netrider the chance to experience your wisdom in reading your words. Priceless....
  6. Its a pointless exercise.
    If you cant think of the possible injuries you could suffer from riding you shouldn't be riding.
    Riding is dangerous. While acknowledging its dangers most riders do all they can to minimise the danger.

    Go and think up something interesting.
  7. I can think of the possible injuries associated with riding but I just wanted to know how often it occurs with the average biker. While you may not finding it interesting I do.
  8. riding for 17 years, licensed for 11, only crash i had was on the farm in 1994. 1 x bruised ego.
  9. Riding about a year.

    2 accidents, both resulting in the most minor cosmetic damage possible. Injuries included some grazes - I was alot more hurt when I came off my pushy. Both were my fault, and lessons about traction :LOL:

    The chances that you will have an off are higher than in a car, and the chance of it being fatal are apparently 20 times higher than in a car accident. Who cares? Life is there to be lived, not hidden away in protective bubbles.

    Ride in every condition (rain, sleet, hot hot hot son, traffic, empty roads, all different types of roads, etc.) so that you learn roadcraft as well as how to ride. Get good gear and more importantly wear it - I'm sure the guy on the cbr250rr that passed me today had protective gear.. wasn't wearing any apart from a helmet though. After he passed me I looked in my mirror and he was on his Ls...
  10. :shock:
    personally, i'd stay in the closet!
    :p :p :p
  11. Riding 30 years on the road,2 majors 2 minors.1 compound fracture to tib and fib,2 writen of bikes but i took the cars out with me 2 cars write offs :shock:
  12. Almost a year now. No accidents. I have ridden almost every day... Only one dropped bike + bruised ego! :p
  13. Riding for 14 years, 2 accidents, all my fault. One was on a scooter going around a corner, road was covered in sand, lost traction, dropped. Nothing broken, little skin missing thats it. Second was when i forgot to take off the disc lock. Broken elbow, hospital, 2 months off work, 6 months off bike, nearly ended my days as a motorcyclist, but i loved it too much, and surely it wont happen again :oops:
  14. No such thing as "the average biker" we're all different, even if someone is same height, weight, age and rides the same bike he's still different.

    Fwiw been riding 7 years solid or so in the latest stint, had 2 accidents, one was trying to take a 60k corner at 90k and didn't, other was a lowside.

    One my fault, the other really really really shithouse road design... drain right in the middle of an instersection, right on your normal turning line and at ight when it's raining invisible and provides absolutely no traction of course.
  15. Been riding for 6 years on the road with only one accident.
    It was raining, and I came round a corner and slipped the rear tyre on a steel drain cover. High sided and got a bruised hip.
    Am I hardcore? LOL
  16. My first year of racing saw at least one minor crash per trackday. Since then crashes are a rare instance. I'm more likely to knock my bike over while it's on the workstand these days.
  17. Been riding since last April and had one off. I was fatigued after a full day of riding, probably over confident and stuffed up a corner. Luckily I was taking it slow (still learning n' all) so no real damage to me or the bike. Still fkn hurt!

    Just out of interest, why do you find this topic interesting? Are you going to be making a decision or forming an opinion based on what's said? It's just that there's large variety of riders on this forum, from stunters to scooter riders and everything in between...
  18. Over twenty years since I was first regularly on the road as a pillion, nineteen since I got my first road bike. Most of that, I've been an every day, year round rider rather than a summer Sunday warrior so my exposure's been quite high.

    Three major offs, all of which I've walked, or at least wobbled away from.

    1) August 1987. Bike on which I was pillioning blew the back tyre at speed on the motorway, going into a spectacular snake before throwing us both off. Bruising all the way up my right hand side.

    2) August 1990. Daydreaming in city traffic on my Honda C90, I torpedoed a bus from behind. My fault entirely. Concussion. Woke up on the bitumen not knowing where, or indeed who, I was. Spent the afternoon in casualty having attractive nurses being nice to me, desperately trying not to reveal I'd crocked myself on a jumped up moped.

    3) January 1994. Car pulls out on me on a roundabout at night on a wet road (not raining at the time though). Almost get round the front of him but clip his bumper and do a superman impression. Bruising. Sore shoulder.

    Touch wood, nothing since then.

    I don't count getting pinned under my MZ during a rather uncoordinated bump starting attempt, nor having the front of my GSX 550 slide out from under at 10 mph on a patch of ice. Just incidents with potential to be really serious.

    Worst Really Bad Moment Not Resulting in a Crash But Scaring the Shit Out of Me is described here https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=40159&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=45
  19. You're joking, of course. Motorcyclists are never responsible for their accidents.

    Think back a little - weren't you cut off by a taxi or a garbage truck? You might not have had time to notice if your thoughts were elsewhere.

    True recovery involves reconstruction...


    Trevor G
  20. Like doing wheelies, and all types of stunts. :LOL: