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dangerous riding !! my dummy spit.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil red racer, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. sunday 16th sept. heading north to wollembi tavern.riding with new chum ; he has new (to him) gixxer. new chum is very excited and may have done one or two 'un-safe' manouvres - which i didn't actually witness myself. what i did see though was this ;me checking mirrors, right indicator on, head check ,move out to overtake slower bike , then ...whoosh !! hero on r1 (with blonde female pillion ) passes within inches at ballistic speed. hero then proceeds to cut in two bikes ahead ,ride side by side with fellow hero (zx10, green leathers) and carry out conversation ,complete with various hand motions. yeah , yeah,i know.... 'let he who is without sin'....aaaany way ,each idiot to his own,don't stress. lunch at tavern , when who should approach new chum and i ,but hero and fellow hero.seems they have a complaint about new chums afore mentioned manouvres. i listen intently as we are told of there dissaproval ,and the skill of someone in their group, who calls himself "the doc "(doesn't somebody already have that one ?)and if we want to fall in behind we might learn something .......yep......these BIKERS belong to a group which should remain ANONymous .fortunately they have a web sight which has a ride calender , so i can tell where their going , and maybe go somewhere else !!!now i feel better.... PLEASE NOTE :everyone else in this group rode responsibly.

  2. Leave it to karma, mate. Karma.
  3. So go and tell them ANONymously via their website, or at their next ride :roll:
  4. So if they have a web site etc why are you bitching here shouldnt you be talking to them :shock:
  5. Name and shame, which forum? :p
  6. i had a look at their site to do just that.i am barely computer literate and was unable to find a forum or somewhere to make a comment .maybe you have to join to gain access,or perhaps i just don't know where to look. anyway i fronted them at the time. they denied any such behaviour ,it simply wasn't them .well they say we all have a twin somewhere .....
  7. G'day everyone,.....

    Is someone useing my name in vain??
    I'll sue!!
    [-X [-X [-X

    Dr Who?
  8. Hi lil red rider,
    welcome to the netrider,
    you will be assimilated,
    Just kidding.
    Good to see new people.

    The Doc, roflmao,

    I will take that one For $1000,

    What does Rossi wannbe call himself?

    You had a lucky day, you are still here to post the experience.

    Stay safe,

  9. I am failing to see why you didn't make teh coment about he without sin should cast teh first stone to there faces.
    if they are going to ride like C0cks, then tell em to keep there trap shut.
  10. Or the fairies at the bottom of the garden!
    Even if they won't do anything, I'm sure they'll pass on your sentiments to the gnomes...

    After Captain R1 told you off, the conversation should have been as follows:
    "Well I wasn't exactly impressed with your overtaking procedure either, champ. If you're telling me the road is a dangerous place and we all have to be careful, then that's advice for the lot of us; but if you're going to stand there and bust my arse with a halo round your head, then prepare to be told to f*&% off... so which is it?"
  11. just curious:

    is this guy lanky, with long hair, wears prescription glasses and has a sleeve tattoo(with flames)?
  12. Hi Lil Red Racer,

    Um...just a question ....

    If you checked your mirrors and did a head check before you pulled out to overtake, how come you didn't see faster R1 and the mean green machine?

  13. Sorry... I thought being buzzed was all part of the game... :twisted:
  14. +1 it's all character building, you survive, you learn and maybe even get to replay the manoeuver someday on the teacher :cool:

  15. Sandy, is that you?

    If so I reckon we know these two people and how is Melbourne by the way.

    Ok, so now back on topic.

    Ignore it, this will happen a lot more in your riding lifetime so the best to do is not focus on what they did so much as learn from it so that you do not do the same thing.

  16. I agree... Sandy we must do dinner again soon... at the Euphoria?
  17. A perfectly valid question, headlights permanently illuminated and still missed them. It's also a very manouverable R1 that can pass a bike overtaking another bike at "ballistic" speed and cut back in two bikes ahead where you could witness the ongoing conversation. Guess it's all about perspective or just a post to appeal to the masses.
  18. Don't know what your problem is mate? You admit that your mate may have done a couple of unsafe manoeuvres. The R1 rider spoke to your mate. You haven't stated what he said, and you've been making excuses for your mate. I'd suggest it was good advice to your mate.
    I've been in a position overtaking, at double the traffics speed, when a rider pulled out in front of me. The only thing that saved both of us was that he indicated, giving me enough time to move to the RH shoulder, and allow him room. Now he didn't check the mirrors or head check, but we all suffer from lack of attention, from time to time. We were both over doubles at the time,
    Who was in the wrong? It doesn't matter. I could have abused him, just like the R1 rider did to your mate, but I didn't. I apologised to the rider, knowing that we both contributed. I did get abused by one of his mates though. But the fact still remains that he didn't check to see if it was safe to overtake.

    If your mate didn't check every time it was safe to overtake, then he needs to learn to. Good advice. Unsafe manoeuvres? He wont be a rider for long if he keeps them up.

    Get some formal advanced rider training...sounds like you and your mate both need it.

    Stay safe.
  19. Sandy, is that you?

    If so I reckon we know these two people and how is Melbourne by the way.

    G'day Garry,

    Hiya mate ! Yeah it's me ! Melbourne is fine and dandy, thanks for asking.

    Yeah I reckon we might know the people involved...

    35 more days....35 more days....35 more days....

    Hey Buckets,

    Looking forward to catching up with ya again, and so is Leigh.

  20. Oh man. This is just funny. People who somehow think that overtaking at twice the traffic speed is somehow safe and then telling others to go do an advanced skills course. AT WHICH THEY WILL TELL YOU OVERTAKING AT TWICE THE TRAFFIC SPEED IS DANGEROUS!!! FFS!