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Dangerous Pramming

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dsyfer, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Love the quote “The officer concerned had misinterpreted the law involved regarding the definition of a vehicle.”

    Pram-pushing mum 'fined $250' for using mobile on Mandurah footpath


  2. How the dickhead kept his job is completely beyond me.
  3. When all you have is a book of tickets, everything looks like an infringement.
  4. Moronic. Only in [strike]South[/strike] Western Australia.
  5. Hahahaha. It was in Mandurah in WA. (a satellite city about 45 mins south of Perth)
  6. Nup, we can't claim this one, it's WA.

    Edit: Beat me to it.
  7. Very true
  8. Damn, can't hang shit on South Aussies for this one...
  9. Be patient...in time an opportunity will arise.
  10. And, sadly, this man is not the thickest cop in WA, nor does he have the most bizarre and incorrect interpretation of the road rules.