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Dangerous passing? Get used to it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Henzenberry, May 3, 2016.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Only if they signal

  4. Only if I think they know I'm there

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  1. Today I got overtaken in my own lane on the Sydney Harbour Bridge by another rider.

    I won’t try to explain the details, but it felt like a dangerous pass to me. So at the next lights I said to the guy “If I was a car and I just did that sh*t to you, you’d be pretty pissed”. He knew exactly what I was talking about because his response was “I’m not a car, and I was nowhere near ya mate!” Yeah? Well my lane is my lane, mate, and passing me in it is near enough... Anyway, whatever! Here’s what I took away from today's lesson:
    • We are risk takers. Some more than others. Get used to it.
    • No one got hurt, so who gives a sh*t. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut.
    So I apologise to the guy for interrupting his morning commute.

    Ride on!
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  2. #3 titus, May 3, 2016
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    If you didn't know he was there, that's a failing on your part and you should try to learn from it. If you saw him coming and didn't make room, that's also an error.
    I understand that being caught by surprise can happen, and it may be unpleasant. That doesn't make what the other guy did wrong, although I admit we don't know how close he came to you. It's not 'your' lane even by law.
    The simple reality is that bikes can and do legally share lanes, safely nearly all of the time. I give learners a lot more room, and plenty of opportunity to see me, but I expect them to look in their mirrors.

    Decided to move this to the Riding tips forum, not necessarily just for the noobs.
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  3. Your failing situational awareness, You need to be more observant of whats around you and whats in your mirrors,

    It could have been a truck overtaking you, You could have got a fright and maybe fallen off, Under the truck,

    Bikes ride in the same lanes all the time, beside each other,
    Common practice is for the lead rider to flick a leg out indicating its Ok to pass,
    As long as there is plenty of room, Its OK,
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  4. A couple of times I've been surprised by riders going past me in the same lane and in all cases it was because I failed to do my usual mirror checks regularly though once the guy came past me so damned fast I don't think any one would have seen him. If I see a rider closing in and it's safe to do so I'll move over to give him room and slow down, sometimes I'll indicate with my left hand indicator.
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  5. #6 Henzenberry, May 3, 2016
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    Fail not fail? I spotted him several vehicles behind me before the incident. 5 lanes started converging and nek minit he blasts past me in my lane. I didn't see him until he was on top of me. So yeah, maybe I was too focused on what was happening in front of me (5 harbour bridge lanes converging in the morning peak requires a fair bit of forward attention). Or maybe he was blasting through traffic somewhere out in lane 2 or 3 before he made his move on me in lane 1 (only he would know).

    This is peak traffic, so there are cars and buses all around. Which = lots of blind spots for a rider (who is weaving / overtaking aggressively) to pop out of. To be clear, he wasn't sharing my lane. He blasted past me in my lane.
  6. Doing constant mirror checks might be getting close to constant speedo checks for diverting attention from whats happening in front.I have been surprised by passing bikes in my lane, doesn't happen often, I don't commute though.
    For me its better if the follower make a bit of a effit to be seen, just a couple of seconds to be picked up by my esp,not came hammering though instantly.
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  7. It's one thing to edge slowly past, it's another thing completely to blast past doing 50 kph faster because it doesn't allow time to react.
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  8. I should acknowledge that the OP DID reconsider his original, spur of the moment response, and I applaud that. My post neglected to mention that.
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  9. #10 Henzenberry, May 3, 2016
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    Yep, the idea was to share my "lessons learnt" rather than a rant (and to apologise to a fellow rider). So thanks for noticing :)

    When I say "my lane” I’m talking about the space immediately to my left and right (ie. the space I'd normally take up if I was a car). I'd like to think that no one will come into that space (except for bikes when we’re moving slowly) so that I can switch between left / right wheel track as necessary. I accept that people will move across my lane / in front of me.
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  10. Actually, was he on a Yamaha R1 wearing an Valentino Rossi 46 helmet? If so you might find yourself on YouTube ;), Adjriannickelodeon tends to blat along through the city, but I don't think he goes over the bridge.

    And yeah, in peak hour traffic doing lots of head checks is hard so not seeing him burn past is definitely understandable.
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  11. That doesn't make it ok!

    There's a reason that H.O.G, BMW MCC, Ulysses and others all state that bikes riding together should ride staggered not next to each other when sharing a lane.

    And if the lead bike is in the right hand wheel track then a bike passing in the left hand wheel track is 'passing on the left' which last time I checked was against the law.

    None of that means that a rider shouldn't allow another rider past, but an approaching rider needs to give the leading rider time to move from the right hand wheel track into the left hand wheel track and then pass to the right hand side.

    Approaching at high closing speed doesn't allow that time.

    Even at track days many organizers don't allow passing on the inside (except for expert groups) and assuming that a random road rider is that skilled is unrealistic.
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  12. Nah, I don't think it was Adjriannickelodeon. But it wouldv'e been interesting to see if it was :)
  13. I've been surprised a few times in the park. I ride slow so I move over to let the fast ones past but a couple of times they have come virtually out of nowhere and scared the crap outta me, especially those ones with those damn noisy exhausts! :)
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  14. Why ride a motorbike if you are going to take up the whole lane and expect other motorcyclists to use another lane? If you knew the other bike was there you should have accommodated his effort to pass you by making as much passing space as possible & reasonable.
    How the rider passed you is the issue.
    Get over it or drive a car.
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  15. He filtered passed you. Get over it.
  16. Just for the sake of discussion, let's look at this.
    I've always taken the view that an overtake is ultimately the responsibility of the overtaker, with a few conditions. So that would mean that yes, you are entitled to switch between wheel tracks at will.
    But that's not the same as doing it without due care. The law says two motorcycles can ride side by side, so the other wheel track is not 'reserved' for you. In fact since filtering legislation it's not necessarily reserved for cars either.
    It's everyone's responsibility to check and indicate before changing position.
    In your example you did not do either of those (check or change position).
    But since you were (apparently) not checking, you were also unaware of the other rider. and if you had moved into his path without checking - well, I would hold you accountable.
    However if you are ahead of him and check then indicate, then you have the right of way and he needs to avoid you. The overtaker needs to also take due care.

    The real lesson IMO is that you cannot apply car-centric thinking about owning road space when riding.
  17. Actually it says two motorcycles can ride 2 abreast but not more than 1.5 metres apart.

    That section of the law doesn't say anything specifically about passing on the left and other law does say that passing on the left (except in a separate lane to the left) is an offence.

    Now you might argue that the 2nd bike was filtering but that would only apply if the speed the traffic was travelling at was less than 40kph...

    Which brings up back to "it depends upon 'how' and at what speed the 2nd bike overtook the OP'.
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  18. Agree, and IMO buzzing past at warp speed is impolite at the least.
    For myself I'd really rather not see this from the point of view of legal technicalities. Hopefully we can agree that what keeps us all upright is the important thing.
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  19. #20 Henzenberry, May 3, 2016
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    I was doing 80kmh (the posted speed limit) when the rider past me.

    He passed me on my right side within the same lane. I felt like that made it a dangerous pass. But whatever... I didn't want this to become a discussion about technicalities and fault. I just wanted to say sh*t happens, so get over it, and I should've kept my mouth shut. For all I know, the other guy might have been gunning it get out of a sticky situation of his own, and his only option might have been to ride that sketchy line between me and some other threat of his own.

    Like I said in my original post... "no one got hurt, so..."

    Passing in the same lane in excess of 80kmh+ is not filtering. It's lane splitting. At least in NSW anyway.

    I am over it kids. Notice the post title? It says "Get used to it" as in "get over it"...

    I even made a public apology to the guy here on the forum. You can move on now.

    Fair point...
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