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Dangerous female P Plater (long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. This morning I decided to ride the Black Spur, as I had heard that Reefton is a bit messy (and mossy) at the moment.

    Had a lovely ride, dispatched a couple of small trucks early and had the rest of the north-bound road to myself, turned round at the road house and rode straight back, no cars heading south till just near Healsville, by which time I'd had my fun anyway.

    Halfway back to Coldstream, I came up behind a red-P-plated Nissan Pulsar, being driven by a young woman. As soon as I got reasonably close to her, waiting for an opportunity to overtake, she jammed on the brakes!

    I dropped back for a kay or two then drifted up behind her again, at which she jammed on the brakes again, this time so hard that I was forced to go round her, even though there was a double-unbroken line. She then proceeded to tailgate me till a long double-lane uphill section, where I was able to put a car between her and me.

    Next thing I knew she was behind me again, and passed me, IN MY LANE, ON THE LEFT.

    I passed her again and waved my finger at her in reproof, so she waved her finger at me with a different gesture.

    Because my memory is not as good as it used to be, I decided that I would report this idiotic creature to the police, so when she pulled off into Chirnside Park shopping centre, I followed her in, waiting for her to stop so I could take off my gloves and write down her number on the notebook in my tank bag.

    After her driving round and NOT parking for about ten minutes, she drove back out on the highway and turned right towards Mooroolbark, by which time she was also using her mobile phone while driving. She was forced to stop at an intersection long enough for me to get my notebook out and record her number, and I then continued my journey back to the city via Croydon.

    At a set of traffic lights in Croydon, I drew up beside a Police car, and asked the officer how I would go about reporting the fact that this person had three times tried to run me off the road. To my amazement the officer replied that this ignorant little brat had reported ME to Mooroolbark Police Station! I shrugged my shoulders and rode off; the police officer made no attempt to stop me, and was reaching for his radio when I accellerated (gently!!) away from the lights.

    So, what to do? I'm from NSW. I have no desire to have to come back here to pursue action against the driver, and it is clear the Police have no interest in pursuing action against me. However, I would like to register an official complaint against the driver and see some action taken against her; if she did this to me, then she clearly has a hostile attitude against motorcyclists and will probably do this again unless her wings are clipped....
  2. Paul, paul, paul, causing trouble in Mexico again!!!

    You're in Netrider Heartland, how hard can it be to round up a posse of belligerent bikers...

    's funny, when you saw her on her phone, that was probably the cops she was talking to... oh, can you feel the irony...
  3. Go to a cop shop and make them take your statement, sign it and have it put on record, wether they pursue her for careless driving or even just call her for an explanation at least she will think twice about being a danger to other motorcyclists.
  4. I definatly think you should make a report on the phone if nothing else to have it on record that you think her driving was of questionable quality.

    Also make sure you mention the being on the phone while driving. The cops do take umbridge at that.

    This helps protect you if she pursues her little claim
  5. Careless? More like Dangerous, and add to that While Using a Mobile Phone!

    Little B----. :evil:

    edit: Also, did they say what she was reporting you for? It doesn't read like you did jack all that was even remotely wrong other than overtaking on double lines (given circumstances, though...)
  6. At least you scared the bejeesus out of the little wench... damn croydon bogans.
  7. Should have blocked the road (hopefully she would have stopped) break the window, pull her out of the car.

    Push the car off the cliff, somewhere @ the Spur and let her walk. You can have her in the car if you want.

    Then of course you'll be in jail...

    Report it to the Police, if not for yourself for the other riders in danger of this b1tch.
  8. Get a written statement to the police asap. If they won't take a statement, take a stat dec to the pharmacy and that it be witnessed. Then take 2 copies of the witnessed document to the Mooroolbark police station - ask the duty officer to sign both (with his/her number) to show that s/he received it. Lodge one with the police - you keep the other.

    Be as detailed with places and times as you can.

    Here's the format:

    State of Victoria - Evidence Act 1958


    I, __________________________________________________________________________
    (Applicant’s name)

    of _________________________________________________________________________
    (Applicant’s address)

    do solemnly and sincerely declare:


    AND I acknowledge that this declaration is true and correct and I make it in the belief that a person making a false declaration is liable to the penalties of perjury.

    DECLARED at _______________________________________________________________

    in the State of Victoria this ______________ day of ___________________________ 200_
    (date) (month)

    Before me __________________________________________________________________________
    (signature of witness) (name of witness)

    Status of person witnessing declaration _________________________________________________
    (refer to back of page for list of appropriate persons)

    Applicant’s signature _________________________________________________________


    The statutory declaration should be witnessed by any of the following. These persons can also certify copies of documents required to support your application.

    1 - A Justice of the Peace or a Bail Justice
    2 - A Pharmacist
    3 - A Clerk to a Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court
    4 - A member of the Police Force
    5 - A member or former member of either House of the Parliament of Victoria
    6 - A member or former member of either House of the Parliament of the Commonwealth
    7 - A Councillor of a Municipality
    8 - A Town Clerk or Shire Secretary
    9 - A Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff
    10 - A person registered as a Patent Attorney under Part XV of the Patents Act 1952
    11 - A person who holds an office in the public service or a statutory authority
    12 - A legally qualified Medical Practitioner
    13 - A Dentist
    14 - A Veterinary Surgeon
    15 - A Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court
    16 - A principal in the Victorian teaching service
    17 - The Manager of a bank
    18 - A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia or a member of the Certified Practising Accountants
    19 - A Minister of religion authorised to celebrate marriages
    20 - The Secretary of a building society
    21 - A senior officer of a council as defined in the Local Government Act 1989
  9. Blanket search the community.
    Track her down.
    Throw petrol on her bonnet and light it.
    Return plateless rented scooter (With plate re-attached) and come home.
    Mission accomplished.

    This may be a little extreme for you Paul, so the other advice given above is also valid.
  10. Wasn't a little red pulsar female "P" plater mentioned previously in a less than flattering way?
  11. Handful of gravel over the shoulder should cure tailgaiters of their inability to judge distance...

    If it's any consolation Hornet, when I'm in my 4WD, I make sure anyone who tries to intimidate motorcyclists on the road, gets a taste of their own medicine :evil:

    She'll get hers.
  12. Thanks, Mark, I'm organising that form you sent now

    Actually, Doggy, the P Plate was red, but the car was metallic green
  13. I think this is a severe case of P-Plater syndrome!

    Of all the problems that i have faced on the road with cagers, the majority of them have been P-Platers, and whats worse, they know what their doing and simply laugh at you when you give them a concerned stare!

    A simple wave of "im sorry" goes a long way when a cager makes an innocent mistake, but i havent had any sort of acknowledgement from P-Platers when they slip up.

    I think all P-Platers should be restricted to those Smart Cars, you know the little tiny hatch backs that dont have any power!
  14. That's righteous retribution, Ktulu. So long as her car ends up in an unrecoverable ditch in the middle of nowhere. Well at least that would be some pretty sour medicine tasting there.

    But, +1 for the statement to the police, +1000 for making her pay. :grin:

    It is just that people like this cause accidents for everyday considerate people and it sucks.
  15. Yeah nic, and learner riders should be restricted to small bikes that have no....oh wait.
  16. Bloody NSW riders coming down here and scaring the buggery out of our population, pi$$ off back to NSW ya galah :p :p :p

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but as was pointed out before bloody croydon bogans!
  17. hahahaha so true. Get her charged with attemped murder.
  18. hmmm...

    "Ma'am, may we have your phone please?" :D
  19. yeah id be up for some vigilante action. where we meeting tonight?
  20. Oh the poor girl.

    She saw you riding up the Spur, then you turned around and followed her down. Not once, but twice you pulled up close behind her, harassing her, and scaring her 'cos you were too close. She even tried to get you to back off by braking hard, really hard the second time. Bravely, she followed closely behind you after that, to get your license plate number, and to show she wasn't scared. You tried to get away from her, knowing you were in the wrong, but she persisted, even risking her own safety by overtaking you on the left. Brave girl.

    Then you followed her into a car park. She was now too scared to park immediately, so she drove around the car park for a while. Still you pursued her, so she called the police, driving out of the car park into traffic again, and again you followed her! Poor, poor girl. She was probably having a panic attack by this time. :shock:

    I could write fiction, don't you think?! Just shows that driver training has a very long way to go before all P platers are safe to let out on the roads. She could be a poster girl on what not to do.

    Hornet600, great to meet you, though briefly on Tuesday arvo. You're welcome down here in Victoria to test our "single white female" P platers anytime. :grin: