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Dangerous female P Plater (long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. This morning I decided to ride the Black Spur, as I had heard that Reefton is a bit messy (and mossy) at the moment.

    Had a lovely ride, dispatched a couple of small trucks early and had the rest of the north-bound road to myself, turned round at the road house and rode straight back, no cars heading south till just near Healsville, by which time I'd had my fun anyway.

    Halfway back to Coldstream, I came up behind a red-P-plated Nissan Pulsar, being driven by a young woman. As soon as I got reasonably close to her, waiting for an opportunity to overtake, she jammed on the brakes!

    I dropped back for a kay or two then drifted up behind her again, at which she jammed on the brakes again, this time so hard that I was forced to go round her, even though there was a double-unbroken line. She then proceeded to tailgate me till a long double-lane uphill section, where I was able to put a car between her and me.

    Next thing I knew she was behind me again, and passed me, IN MY LANE, ON THE LEFT.

    I passed her again and waved my finger at her in reproof, so she waved her finger at me with a different gesture.

    Because my memory is not as good as it used to be, I decided that I would report this idiotic creature to the police, so when she pulled off into Chirnside Park shopping centre, I followed her in, waiting for her to stop so I could take off my gloves and write down her number on the notebook in my tank bag.

    After her driving round and NOT parking for about ten minutes, she drove back out on the highway and turned right towards Mooroolbark, by which time she was also using her mobile phone while driving. She was forced to stop at an intersection long enough for me to get my notebook out and record her number, and I then continued my journey back to the city via Croydon.

    At a set of traffic lights in Croydon, I drew up beside a Police car, and asked the officer how I would go about reporting the fact that this person had three times tried to run me off the road. To my amazement the officer replied that this ignorant little brat had reported ME to Mooroolbark Police Station! I shrugged my shoulders and rode off; the police officer made no attempt to stop me, and was reaching for his radio when I accellerated (gently!!) away from the lights.

    So, what to do? I'm from NSW. I have no desire to have to come back here to pursue action against the driver, and it is clear the Police have no interest in pursuing action against me. However, I would like to register an official complaint against the driver and see some action taken against her; if she did this to me, then she clearly has a hostile attitude against motorcyclists and will probably do this again unless her wings are clipped....