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dangerous driving

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. i think there are more dangerous drivers lately out there. i am fine with the 'sorry i did not see you were there', but really don't understand with one that 'sorry i deliberately tried to hit you down/indirectly tried to make you stumble'. what's the reasoning?

  2. People can't pay their mortgages! Gotta kill somethin! :roll:

    I notice that people are generally not happy, regardless of what they have in their lives. So not surprised that some go ape-shiite at the wheel and want to flatten something!
  3. No respect!

    The problem is more and more people have no respect for other peoples-


    Which results in a day full of selfish decisions and thoughtless acts.
  4. Most truthful post on this forum to date. A pity though.
  5. think someone has stolen triways account details..... :LOL:
  6. Yes , Not only are they dangerous, some drivers don't even recognise the fact that their manner of driving is dangerous .Totally agree that these people are selfish and thoughtless .
  7. It's winter.
    It's colder and darker in the mornings.

    People are tired and lethargic with the cold - they resent leaving bed.
    They're distracted by a piece of a toast and a coffee because they chose an extra 10 minutes sleep-in, instead of breakfast at home.

    Windows are fogged up and people short on time start driving before everything's demisted.

    I'm the same.
    Sure it's no excuse for not looking or being careful, but it's nothing new; just a slightly higher risk [which you've noticed].
  8. Lets see, this morning, I go through a 3 way roundabout in Burnley. The cars here either go left or straight through. I normally go straight through, so turn my right indicator on as I have seen many near misses there before.

    I make eye contact with the female driver and sure enough no sooner do I enter the roundabout that she decideds she will go, whilst still looking at me. I glare and she slams on the brake. I then pass in front of her and leave the roundabout.

    I was in the car, so I dont know what she was tripping on.

    On Saturday I was on the bike and the lights on Middleborough Rd over hte freeway had changed form Green to Red. I slammedo n the braks after thinking about running hte red, but thought better of it. THis Land Rover Discovery driver behind me decided that even though I'm stopping they are going to run the red light anyway and go around my right hand side. Not missing me by much and going through the reds. Idiots.
  9. Twice in recent weeks I have unthinkingly jumped into a car with someone whose driving I had no experience with.

    On both occasions, very scared... makes me that much more scared on the bike!
  10. And our family too........... :(
  11. Playing devil's advocate for a moment - if you 'slammed on the brakes' in order to stop for the red, he might have been taking evasive action to avoid running straight over the top of you with 2.5 tonnes of Land Rover, depending on how close he was following.

    I've had a few similar situations at the intersections at the end of the M1 freeway to Geelong... Cold winter mornings, long boring freeway. People not realising that the lights are red. And that there's a bike stopped, waiting for them to go green. Mmh. Scary stuff.

    The roundabout thing frustrates me plenty too. In my car and on my bike.
  12. abvc wrote

    i dont think you are FINE with it at all! you clearly see that....


    welcome to one of life's lessons.
  13. If he had to take evasive action by going around then he was to F$%king close!
  14. Quite probably; or he wasn't confident that 2.5 tonnes of top-heavy unstable SUV would stop in time even though he was at a safe following distance. Or maybe he was just an idiot and felt like running the light no matter what happened.
  15. If he wasn't confident in his vehicle at that space then he was to close by his own reconing, If his mind wasn't on what was happening then he shouldn't have been in the car, and if he was just an impatient arse then I hope he doesn't kill anybody else when he rights himself off.
  16. *nods* I'm not disagreeing, I'm just saying that an almighty panic stop can sometimes be a risky thing to do if someone is behind you, regardless of whether they're in the wrong or not.
  17. Maybe the landrover was actually The Bat Mobile and Batman was simply swerving to intercept a criminal mastermind travelling in a vehicle in the next lane.
  18. Ladies and gentlemen, above is the single greatest post ever to grace Netrider.net.au.
    Bask in it's glory, read it several times, and print off a copy for your children

    ... and your children's children.
  19. A few days ago I saw an interesting piece of utter utter utter stupidity.
    I was Heading down Heidelberg rd in the center lane when a guy in a little dhyatsu buzz box goes launching past in the left lane.

    Up ahead you can see red lights with traffic banked up, and you can see a car partly crossing his lane pulling out of a driveway. He keeps the peddle down and slams on the horn, so the car partly out starts reversing back into it’s driveway. At the last instant he pulls around the car (The entire lane beside him was free) and then slams on the anchors causing a 4 wheel lockup and almost tail ends the last of the stationary cars waiting for the lights to change. He had full view of the situation from about 100m back but kept that peddle down.

    F’wit. I hope when he dies he doesn’t take any one else out with him
  20. 1. They should teach the younger / new drivers to drive, not just how to pass the driving test.

    2. There should be Speed & Red Light Cameras @ every Set of lights (Traffic & Pedestrian).

    3. Lanes should be seperated by Concrete Barriers to eliminate drifting into other lanes.

    People r just in to much of a rush to give a damn about their driving, more worried about the fone calls, text messages.