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Dangerous driving rant

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lefty, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. <rant>
    It's been one of those days. I started the day feeling like a pile of reheated turd (I have a cold.) So I called in sick and called the GP to organise a certificate for the day. No appointments til lunch, so went back to bed.

    Get up and jump on bike at lunch (can't be stuffed walking.) Three hours later I emerge with aforementioned certificate. :shock: :mad:

    Got to go to VicRoads for something relating to upcoming Ps test - in Sunshine (long story.) Head out down Ballarat Road (M8). Fortunately it's dry today so the huge steel plates laying bolted across an entire lane aren't as slippery as they were on the weekend...

    Some idiot sees my L plate going though some lights. Decides I'm moving too slowly because I'm a learner and shouts abuse out his window. Only to get stopped at the queue of cars 20 metres ahead. Never occurred I might have been slowing for some other reason.

    On the way back is when it gets exciting!! First some nutter overtakes me for no apparent reason, pulls in front and 100 metres up the road, slams on his breaks, then indicates and turns right into a servo. :mad:

    On a side-street, there's a small street off to the left. A car appears waiting to turn right. It cuts across in front of me. We survived, but it was much tighter than I'd like.

    To finish the job, the sun trys to blind me on the way up an on-ramp on to Geelong Road and someone in an old Pulsar gets distracted looking for something in the passenger seat and subsequently takes over a minute to accelerate down an almost empty Williamstown Road (then he speeds off by about 10kph - must have found whatever he was looking for.) :?

    I change my lane position for visibility. I cover my brake. I slow down sometimes. I expect these idiots. Yet sometimes the sheer number is enough to make me fall over (not literally I hope!)

    Is it really that awful or do I need to change my perception filter?

    Thanks for listening. :)

    On to a more positive note - I'm booking in for my license (L to P). Confidence and handling of the bike is eons ahead of when I started. The bike's in good shape and hopefully I will be too with a few days rest...
  2. Welcome to australia
  3. Is it actually better elsewhere?
  4. Some days you just see a whole heap of people that make you wonder why Darwin has allowed them to live.

    Sometimes I go a whole day without seeing one. Although I'm so used to seeing idjit drivers that I wonder if I just ignore them now.
  5. You will find people go crazy when they see a L plater. Even worse when its a Motorcycle L plater.
  6. I find that I seem to get certain days where other drivers are particularly bad, both in the car and on the bike. I'll go days or weeks without more than the usual and then get a day where I get to my destination and say damn, what did they put in the water today?
  7. Its a shame that people these days are so retarded.....Ive noticed that sometimes the more expensive the car and bigger it is the more they will try to use us speed bumps, any way hope you get better soon dude this flu going round suks :)
  8. Apparently a car is a more effective hunter than a predator, hence cars override "survival of the fittest" On the road, WE are the plankton mate.
  9. Europe is very 2 wheel friendly.... very (well, for the most :) )
  10. They are everywhere :)

    Yesterday a driver while on his phone merged over two lanes without any blinkers with me right beside him. I was lucky because my lane had just started to split into two lanes (from a 2 lane to 3 lane road), so I had enough room to avoid the lumbering SUV. I got on the horn immediately as I had already prepared myself for something like that to happen, but I got nothing. He just continued to shove me out.

    Anyway. He gets stuck in traffic and so while filtering I gave him a massive bird. Felt Good. :grin:
    $1,000,000 says he had no idea what he did.
  11. You could always tap on the window and ask him if he saw you sitting beside him although some on here will question why you were riding in his blind spot in the first place that doesn't excuse him not doing a head check let alone not using a proper car kit for the phone (if you can afford an SUV you can afford $200 for a proper car kit) :roll:
  12. Can we get a group buy organised for some of these?

    Then we can let the bastards have it!!!!!

  13. Love it! I want one... :twisted:
  14. some people just hate L platers for some reason.
  15. My armchair psychoanalysis? Insecure, inadequate bullies who see the L-plate as a sign of someone weaker they can safely pick on
  16. haha true.

    I failed to mention the entire scenario - he actually sped up from beside me (I was in line with the nose of his car) and then merged in. It was as though he either completely did not see me right beside his door (this is how I saw him on the phone) or he was trying to get infront of me and completely misjudged.
  17. Nice, but what is it?

  18. hey what does that glove do
  19. Supposedly it's a "tazer glove"
  20. 1.5V battery, transformer and capacitor from a basic camera flash circuit. Just corner them, rip out the car ECU, and brush the glove fingers along the terminal :p