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Dangerous dog means just that

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mendy, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Last night while playing with my dogs in the yard, I heard some growling at the end of the (large) yard. After calling out to my dogs, only one came back. I was getting worried after a few minutes, so went inside to get a torch. After looking around the yard for a while, I followed a hole in the fence through to the neighbors house (where the elderly man has passed and is now empty).
    I heard noises on the street so made my way around to the front of the houses.
    What I saw was amazing. Some stranger was slowly walking sideways down the footpath with my bull-mastiff cross in tow. i grabbed my dog by the chain and the man apologized said good night and hurriedly walked off towards the main road.

    I have signs and stickers all over my front door, yard and fences that say Dangerous dogs and guard dogs etc,.

    We've had people in our yard before at night because of the empty house next to ours and the cars in my back yard.
    This guy is lucky my bull-mastiff cross (over 50 kilos) and German shepherd didn't fatally wound him.
    Signs are put up for other people to read, but I guess if you ignore and enter someone else's property you will suffer consequences.

    That was my interesting night, how did the rest of you go ? :)
  2. must buy dog
  3. Guess your dogs aren't very effective.
  4. You said your dog went out through a hole in the fence and ended up out on the road.
  5. If your land-shark went through a hole in the fence, wandered off your property and did "fatally wound" this person, you would have been liable.

    I'd say you're the lucky one.
  6. Regardless if the house next door is empty or not YOUR dog got out though a hole in YOUR fence. The signs relate to YOUR property not outside the fence, so if anything did happen you would have a dog now waiting to be put down, and have a large fine, plus possible medical bills etc etc etc.

    I'd be fixing that hole today!

    I love Bullmastiffs in fact my sister in law too be breeds them, and I owned one myself years ago.
    So for your dogs sake, I'd really be getting that fence fixed.
  7. WTF? He was stealing your dog?

    and yeah I have to agree if you do have dangerous dogs, then you shouldn't have a hole in your fence.
  8. # 1 The whole wasn't there before.
    That's why I followed the fence until I came a cross the hole. If I knew there was a hole before, I would not have gone looking for one.

    #2 If someone comes and break down part of your fence big enough for dogs to get through, then they suffer consequences facing canines.

    #3 I doubt the guy was trying to nab my dog/s because he was crapping himself when I confronted him on the street.

    #4 Bull-mastiffs usually hold people down with their weight and strength, not necessarily bite chunks off.
  9. The way I read it, you are the one with a dangerous dog. If someone is fatally wounded by it, on *your* head be it.
  10. Fari enough

    I still don't get it. The dog was "in tow"? You mean the dog was following rather than the guy had hold of the chain?

    Then why did the guy apologise?

    and why were you amazed? and why were you pissed about people not paying attention to your signs?

    I'm not having a go, I just can't follow the story.
  11. Brilliant,your signs admitting you own a dangerous dog,that will help in court,BTW
    if there that dangerous better make sure you and yours dint get mauled,owning dogs like this is like diving a car with fault brakes,not smart,so someone else broke your fence,not the dogs.
  12. Your angry at someone for walking down your street and almost being attacked by your dog? :? Maybe you should post your street so the rest of us can avoid it.
  13. Was the guy maybe trying to steal the dog. Friends of mine lost their much loved staffy from their yard.

    But yeah!, you need to be careful even if the hole in the fence was not there previously. You would probably be charged if you admit to owning dangerous dogs and not having them properly secured (should anything happen).
  14. Mendy...tsk tsk..seriously dude, its attitudes like yours that makes life hard for people like me!

    If u have a mastiff x and a GSD you need to be responsible and makie sure your yard is 110% secure!

    I run 7 American staffs here ( No stranger wants to trifle with them ) I live rural , its a pretty simple system here where i live...Dog gets out, farmer shoots it! End of discussion....so I go to great lengths to ensure my dogs safety and the safety of livestock on neighbouring properties....
    I run hot wire top and bottom on my fences to ensure No digging and a life long respect for fences and boundaries... ( you probably cant use hot wire in the burbs tho? )

    But you really do need to adjust your way of thinking or you will find the ranger on your doorstep and a possible court date in his hand.

    If i had of been walking my dogs past your house when that happened what do you think the outcome would have been? and where do you think you and your dog would have ended up?
    You have to think ahead of time....

    Fix the fence and put locks on your gates, for the safety of your dogs ;)
  15. I was interested to see if an owner can be liable etc due to a talk we had with an instructor when I did a security licence part of a level 4 hospitality cert I did like 15 years ago. So I looked up if signs made one more 'liable for prosecution' as per what our instructor talked about, that having "dangerous dog" signs actually made one more liable. A quick google shows http://www.barkbusters.com.au/dogrights.htm

    Seems you get in trouble if you don't have a sign when a dog has been declared dangerous. Also seems a 'dogact' has provision for an owner to show the dog was provoked into attacking. The actual url for the info I used was http://www.barkbusters.com.au/dogrights.htm

    Now I guess one would have to see if that was correct or not 8-[
  16. They say you should have a sign stating you have a dog and to ensure gate remains closed, something along the lines of " dog on premises please leave gate closed"
    That way you aren't stating you have " dangerous" dog you are just stating for the safety of the dog you would like your gate kept closed.

    If you have NO sign you can be liable if a gas man or meter reader enters your premises and get attacked!
  17. I used to live next door to a physco who had an American Staffy. The first one he had ripped a couple of pups in the street to pieces and they destroyed it.
    The one he has now he uses as a body gaurd, takes it everywhere. Thats ok but he will challenge people on the street cause he knows they wont retaliate with his dog there. There should be better criteria to assess someones mental state before they are allowed a dog thats dangerous. In fact this guy is barred from owning a dog and I know some of his neigbours have reported him and nothing comes of it.
    I personally dont like dangerous dogs and no offence to anyone with one but I cant understand why anyone would have one. Specially if you have kids. How many times do you read in the papers family dog rips childs face off etc... everyone of those dog wouldnt hurt a child, up until it attacks..
  18. Your above quoted pretty much says it all...

    You get your info from the media like everyone else ZX? Amstaffs are NOT a dangerous breed!

    If Your "Psycho " neighbour is banned from owning a dog then he does not own an American Staff, this breed MUST be registered to even be classed as an Amstaff and in order to be registered the owners details must be registered ....probably has some pitty cross, I bet he cannot provide ped papers for it, He is probably calling everyones bluff BC the dog probably wouldnt harm a human unless provoked anyway...PBs are generally very loving dogs, most attacks with them happen when someone gets in between it and another dog.

    Most people dont even know what a PB is or what it looks like, us in the dog world cringe every time another cross bred mutt attacks someone, its almost always labeled a PB or a PB x to provoke emotion and outrage but the breed is almost ALWAYS something very different from whats being stated! Its all in aid of selling papers.

    Amstaffs love humans, My girls have grown up with them,these dogs worship the ground they walk on...In all my years ive never seen a human aggressive one!
    If you ever visited my house you would soon see where i am coming from!

    My dogs are Australian champions,they are top winning show dogs, they are not feral mutts left to catch and kill their own dinner...

    The biggest offender BY FAR in ALL bite and attack stats are ALWAYS the cross bred dogs.... So lets ban all of those too.

    I do agree that just " anyone " shouldnt be allowed to own a BUll breed tho, I know i hold a waiting list and research my puppy buyers long before i have a litter on the ground...But sadly not everyone is as concerned about where their puppies end up... I have a life time support system, my pups are co owned by me, if they cannot be taken care of by the person who purchased them from me, then they come back to me so i can find a new home...This prvents people from off loading a dog to some half wit like your Neighbour.
  19. i have always believed that a Dog reflects the Intelligence of its Master.
  20. Appreciate the response, hopefully a lot more people that own these dogs, take the interest in their pets like you do.. Good on ya mate. :)