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Danger: stay off the roads...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MacFfy, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. ... because I'm now on them, on a BIKE!!!!!!!

    Yup... this afternoon at 2:30 after a total of 10 hours training I finally mastered the fig8, got out on the roads for an hour and 20 mins, and got my open licence through Morgan & Wacker Q -Ride, Springwood Brisbane.

    Wooohooooooo what a great feeling!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good onya bloke!!!

    Your soul is now forfeit, forever owned by the bike your riding at the time :grin:

  3. Congrats!

    What were your thoughts on Q-Ride? Did you find it was mostly instructional, or mostly evaluative, or roughly equal measures of both?

    I'm just wondering how much you actually learn... in other words, could you start the day not having the skills to earn an open licence, and gain them by the end of the day? Or do they expect you to be mostly at open-licence level at the start of the day?

    Anyway, sorry, don't mean to grill you in your moment of glory. Have fun out there! :)
  4. i went along having never ridden a bike before (well not stricly true - but spending an afternoon falling off your cousins dirtbike when you're 12 doesn't count)

    I have to say I found q-ride great... I was able to take it at my own pace and once I was "competent" at one thing we moved on to the next skill. If i was getting a bit strsesed over a certain skill, we went and did something else, then came back to the one I was having bother with.

    they way I was taught new skills was very gradual... a demo, follwed by me trying it, then they would make it a bit more difficult (move cones, make me go faster, or tell me not to react until they signalled) and we progressed like that. The trainers were able to answer any questions I had and if I didn't quite understand it they would find a different way of explaining it.

    I, personally, would be slightly worried if I thought that I would get my licence in just 1 day. I was told to expect it to take 12 hours from scratch. As it was, after remembering to stop thinking about it, I managed to get the last couple of skills very quickly, and once I got on the road i found it came quite naturally. The trainer did say I was one of the quicker people to get through it, but I think 15years Xcountry experience on a horse developed good balance skills and I held on with my knees without thinking!!

    Dunno what other trainers are like... but with M&W at Springwood you're in good hands (IMO)
  5. Congratulations! Good luck picking up your bike tomorrow - I'd like to come along but I somehow doubt we'd be finished moving house by then...
  6. Congratulations MacFfy well done

    Hopefully I will have my unrestricted soon

    Enjoy and stay safe