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Dang it, lost me rego sticker

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thecptn, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Come home to find the little case that holds the rego sticker gone, looks like the screw came lose, so what beurcratic shite do I have to delve into now with the rta? assume the position and pay $40 or odd dollars to replace the sticker? seriously, whats the fee involved, I know theres a fee. were talking about the rta here, these mongrels will charge anything.

  2. I think its about $10 then $3 at a servo for the holder. Or you could do what I did, ride for 11 months with no rego displayed and just wait for the next one to be sent to you ;)

    "What do you mean theres no... Oh wow it was there when i left, must have blown off or something"
  3. $10? come on, your pulling my leg, sure not 100? :grin:
  4. i think when i called to ask it was $7.50 but i never got around to going in and paying for one :)
  5. Thats not a bad philosophy "it flew off" could apply that to the rego plates as well. :cool:
  6. "damn kids fcuking stole it again, im on my way straight home, couldnt leave it where it was in case it was bike theives hoping id leave it there unattended over night."
  7. *writes down on notepad*
  8. its possible you need boobs to make these more plausable ;)
  9. ....wwwwaaaayyy ahead of ya!
  10. they're free in WA. You just go in and tell them ya lost it and they give ya one, no checks or anything.

    Obviously thats no help at all to you. :shock:
  11. Its $13 something.
    I have replaced mine twice. :/

    Go to VicRoads, take a number and wait your turn....
  12. In NSW they are $17.00

    They will do it on the spot for you at any RTA, you just need your licence with you.
  13. Wow...$17 for a little sticker.
  14. Hey Es thecptn is in NSW so quoting Victorian costs wont help much but the holders are around $3 (think I saw one for about $2 at Supercheap the other day).

  15. Whoops. My bad too. :oops:
  16. whoops lol i never noiced either :p