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Dane Swan pic in Herald-Sun (Fri 9)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cdaus_416, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Always thought footy players weren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

    Couldn't miss the big pic on the Herald-Sun back page today of Dane Swan sitting on a chopper....WEARING THONGS!

    TAC spends heaps of (our annual $50 rego levy) $$ advertising to influence motorcyclists to wear suitable protective clothing and we have this splashed across a national daily!

    Maybe the next picture ought to be Dane visiting some poor unfortunates in hospital receiving treatment for horrendous skin injuries.
  2. Even funnier when only 5 or so weeks ago he crashed his Porche into the back of a parked truck
  3. Maybe his thong got stuck on the accelerator?
  4. I take your point, and couldn't agree more... but if it makes you feel any better the Herald Scum is not a national paper, and there is no way known an AFL player would make it onto either end of the papers up here unless 1) they played for Sydney, AND 2) they'd either cured cancer or committed multiple murders.
  5. No footy player has brains.
  6. no. some footy players do. no COLLINGWOOD player has brains. =D
  7. Being fair, the photographer probably grabbed the nearest bike and sat him on it.

    Being a Collingwood player he probably didn't think about it. :)

    I believe that the TAC got in touch with the Hun pretty quickly.
  8. Better keep a lid on this or the nanny state will consider banning bikini babes posing on bike pics as well.
  9. TAC still sponsor Collingwood? Good look!
  10. Haven't university tests proven that stiletto's are safer than thongs?

    If not, could be good excuse to get a government grant...
  11. Wash your mouth out with soap! Everyone knows that the bikinis are lined with kevlar and that they are perfectly safe.
  12. Like these from Ducati?


    Anyone got a copy of that photo with Dane in it? Looks like the HUN has pulled it...