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Dandenongs, route suggestions

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by AusSteve, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all, myself & three mates will be riding to Melbourne from Coffs Harbour arriving in Melbourne Saturday 15th. October, no not for the Moto Gp.
    We are coming over the snowies, then along the Princes Highway & want to ride through the Dandenongs taking in Mt. Dandenong.
    Can I please get suggestions about the most scenic route through the Dandenongs & take us to Swanson Street in Melbourne, avoiding tollways if possible?
    By the way, how's this for an itinerary. We leave Coffs on Thursday, the ladies fly to Melbourne on Saturday, we then ride the girls down the Gt. Ocean Rd, & onto Adelaide. The ladies fly home from Adelaide whilst the boys ride home via Broken Hill, Coonabarrabran etc. About 4500kms. Awesome ride.
    Looking forward to your suggestions.

  2. Sounds like a great ride. The Princess can be a bit boring so here's my suggestion it takes in the Willow Grove, Powelltown, Noojee route.

    MAP Link

    It does have some toll way in it, Eastlink tunnel; it is probably easier. You can avoid it if you come across to point K Springvale rd before entering the freeway, it is only tolled past that point outwards. You can get a trip pass if you decide to use Eastlink at their web site www.eastlink.com.au

    Be aware Swanston St is a Pedestrian and Tram precinct, generally vehicles are restricted from entry.
  3. Or if you are after an awesome ride taking in reefton and the black spur (2 of vics best roads)
  4. What bikes are you going to be riding?

  5. The Dandenongs are quite boring to be honest, maybe 5-6 ok corners on the Melbourne side. I'd opt to come through Marysville and go the Reefton spur for sure, winding back through Lilydale>Ringwood then onto Eastern Freeway into the City.
  6. Hi Matt, we are riding cruisers, Triumph America, Suzuki Boulevard 800, Yamaha Road Star 900 & a Suzuki GSX 750F. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I think we are going to be coming in fro the north now & will either come via Black Spur or Reefton Spur after seeing Mt. Beauty, Bright etc.
    Again thanks heaps to everyone
  7. Sounds like it's going to be an epic journey. Hope you keep a travel log here at NR with photos along the way :)

  8. Yeah that sounds like a good ride
  9. Hey AusSteve,

    Sounds like a great idea, to come from the North. Reefton Spur is definitely the way to go. Black Spur is nice, but too crowded. There are some great little detours you can take after the Reefton Spur (go up Mt Donna Buang in Warburton, cross over to Healesville and go up Myers Creek Rd to Toolangi, then come back Chum Creek Rd to Healesville again). Here is a link for some great roads in Victoria. Click on Yarra Ranges and have a look at the road descriptions (http://ariel.unimelb.edu.au/~ben/mtcv/mcroads/).

    Have fun!
  10. Thanks everyone for your coments & suggestions. Below is a link (hopefully) to the route we are taking from Coffs to Melbourne.. Happy days.:angel:

  11. There is a strange teleported wormhole jump in your map from Bonnie Doon to McMahons Creek in Victoria. :) Which way are you doing in that section.
  12. Hi Chris, we will be turning off at Buxton & heading through Marysvill, Cambarville, Reefton (of course). I am an ex Victorian & have ridden this before so all should be good.
    Happy days.
  13. Have a ball guys :)
  14. Hey AusSteve, back from your trip yet? Got some photos, stories to tell?
  15. Thanks for the question Garido, and all others who may follow this thread. We got back last Wednesday, 26 Oct. having completed 5600 kms in 14 days.
    The only rain we had in the 14 days was 10 mins. riding into Melbourne (well it is Melbourne) and between north Dorrigo & Bellingen on the last day... but more of that later.
    Suffice to say we had an awesome time & some some of the most magnificent country at it's best. However nobody came out unscathed, on day 4 I think it was, Vosy (a contributor here) when we pulled up at Lavers Hill in the Otways his wife hopped off & Vosy proceeded to do the same & then realised he hadn't put the side stand down!! Result one cracked rib..but not enough to deter him and a very minor scratch on the VFR 750F.
    On day 5 whilst in Tower Hill, an extinct volcano near Port Fairy in Victoria, one of the wives on the back of a bike spotted a koala near the road, then the wife on the bike behind did also, first bike stopped...second one didn't. One very sprained ankle, number plate & one saddle bag ripped off the Suzuki M50, couple of scratches on the front guard of the Yammy V-Starr 1100 & air filter cover mounts broken. We used electrical zip ties to put that back in place & got away again.
    By this time I'm thinking how blessed I am not to have had any incidents. And it stayed that way until ~50kms from home. Coming down Dorrigo mountain in heavy rain, rivers of water running across the road, I entered a mere bend doing ~`40kms an hour applied a little brake felt the bike slip, let go the brakes & tried again & slipped straight off the road. Few bumps & sore spots but otherwise fine. Triumph America, which I rode home, has a scratched front screen, mounting brackets for same bent, needs a new tank, bars are bent, header pipe & dress piece on muffler scratched, front & rear guards scratched, chrome crankcase cover scratched, rear brake bent, indicators & horn not working & a couple of other minors. Local Triumph people say it could get to 5 -6 K!!!!! Thank goodness for insurance.
    They also told me that hill is notorious for diesel spills & given that it hadn't rained in at lease a week & a half that adds up. The only explanation I had was aquaplaning but that just didn't feel right, definitely more of a greasy surface feel. Triumph Australia are not holding a lot of spares apparently & it's taking up to 2 months to get them from England! However the dealer has said once he hears from the insurance people he can make the bike rideable & I take it until the replacement parts arrive.
    So, we had a great adventure, loved every moment of it & am not allowing the last days events to colour the ride.
    I will endeavour to put some photos up shortly, once I look at how to do so.
    Here are two links to the route out to Adelaide & secondly the route home. There are a few gaps in the road, google being google, but places are named so you shouldn't have any difficulty following the route.


    Catch you all later when I have got time to do nothing else but post pics.

  16. Hey AusSteve,

    Sounds like a really great trip. Sorry to hear about the mishap on the last day and the damage it has done to the bike. Glad you personally got away all right. Good luck with the insurance company and the repairs!