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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by mcholmes89, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Proving once again that dandenong is only good for the hills


    NAME ............................

    GANG ............................ Time allowed: 1 hour

    1. If Mohamed lowers his WRX two inches front and back and puts onstolen 18-inch Auscar slotted wheels, how many inches has he lost fromthe stock suspension?

    2. If Con needs 3 razors a day to stay clean shaved, how many razorswill he need before he goes to the gym at 8.00pm?

    3. If Mustaffa runs 10 km from the Police in Noble Park to SpringvaleSouth then steals a car and drives another 5 km to Keysborough, how manykilometres has he travelled if he ends up hiding in Parkmore ShoppingCentre?

    4. Phan has 2 ounces of cocaine and he sells an "8 ball" to Hamil for$320.00 and 2 grams to Dak Hoang for $85.00 per gram. What is the streetvalue of the balance of the cocaine if he doesn't cut it?

    5. If Darren receives $200.00 per week disability allowance fromCentrelink and works for his brother as a builder and receives a further$400.00 per week and then pays $10.00 per week for each of his 11children for school, how much money does he have left to buy a smashedTarago from the Keysborough Wreckers?

    6. If Soula needs 25ml of wax per day to get rid of her facial hair andSoula is only 19 years old, how many mls will her mother need if she is47?

    7. Mohamed has an AK-47 with 2 x 30 round clips. If he misses 6 out of10 shots and shoots 13 times at each drive-by shooting, how manydrive-by shootings can he attend before he has to reload?

    8. If Abdo runs a Doner Kebab shop in Dandy Plaza and works as a Taxidriver on weekends and earns $1,200.00 per week, how much doesCentrelink give him for his job search allowance? 9. If Dandenong's ethnic community is increasing at a rate of 3.5% permonth, the overall population increasing at 2.1 % per month, at whatrate are the Aussies leaving?

    10. Quang is pimping for three girls. If the price is $75.00 for thetrick, how many tricks will each girl have to turn so that Quang can payfor his $200 per day crack habit?

    11. If Luigi drives his family and cousins all in one car from DandenongNorth to Hampton Park , how many round trips will he need to make if 40of his relatives need a lift and he can put 12 people in his Valiant atany one given time?

    12. If Mario's dad has his top 3 buttons of his shirt open and reveals 1x golden cross and 2 other golden ornaments, and has approximately 17 sqcm of hair coming from his chest with an average length of 2 cm, what isthe probability that the ornaments will be visible from:
    a) 2 feet away .....%
    b) 5 feet away ......%
    c) 100 feet away .....%
  2. I hope you never break down in Dandenong :cry:
  3. Talk about rehashed jokes night.
  4. Should write one about wannabe motorcyclists that ride P.O.S. hyosung bikes.
  5. :LOL: :LOL: