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dandenong tourist rd

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by subscan, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Hi

    Is the Dandenong tourist Rd a safe ride for learner ?

    and whats to watch out for ?
  2. tourists
  3. Yes it is. Just have to be careful because it can be slippery. I have been along it a few times and haven't had any problems. Of course this would not be a first day learner ride but is a good experience after a month or two. Just remember, in slow out fast and take it easy, it is not a race.
  4. Like all roads, it's all about riding it to your capability.

    As a learner I found it was a great road to hone my riding skills.

    As others have already said, just take it easy.
  5. IMO its an alright bit of road for a learner. Just ride within your limits, keep an eye out for the tourists up there and watch that first 180 uphill corner.
  6. :LOL: :LOL:
    ok .. that WAS funny
  7. Just got back from FTG-Sassafras-Monbulk-Mt Evelyn-Lilydale-Chirnside Park- Warrandyte-Ringwood-Bayswater-Home.

    Did the front part of Tourist Road first, not too bad this morning - not too many tourists at 7:30a :)
  8. it's not bad, i've ridden up there a few times (had bike probably a little over a month now.) and first ride up there was on the way home from buying the bike so it's not too daunting :)
  9. I have been riding for just over 2 months

    So I might give it ago next weekend if the weather is dry.
  10. No it wasn't. hehehe

    It was the most obvious answer :grin:
  11. the road from the basin up to sassafrass is great. not so many tourists but you get them in sassafras. can be a few cyclists though. I usually go to olinda, monbulk, and emerald after that. apart from sassafras and olinda its usually pretty quiet.
  12. Better to avoid it - nothing more frustrating than having all the corners ruined by slow drivers There are nicer less travelled roads up that way. :grin:

    Having said that, I did have fun with a car yesterday. He must have had his ego crushed by not being able to out drive a girl on a bike.

    He tried desperately to lose me (straight line warrior) then would madly dive on the brakes at any hint of a corner. :LOL:
  13. As with all tourist trails Saturday is always better for riding than Sunday. On a fine Sunday arvo just go somewhere else.

    The road can get wet and slick in places. Keep an eye open for clumps of bark and leaves piling up in spots where you would rather have traction.

    The tight turn coming up from the FTG National Park can be good for practising getting your knee out. I still remember being stoked the first time my 250 and I actually went around a car on this bend (it is two lanes).

    There are plenty of nice options away from the really main roads; around Monbulk, The Patch and through to Emerald or Seville. Sometimes the black stuff just stops without warning tho.

    As with all these roads always keep in mind that there are likely to be cars and farm vehicles coming and going from local properties who suffer from bike blindness.