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Dancing with my daughter?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. My oldest is doing her debutante ball tomorrow night..has been much excitement about it over the past few wks but especially the past few days.

    Anyway, one of the dances she has to dance with someone other than her partner....they usually pick their Dad or their brother or uncle etc. Oldest was going to do it with her Dad but he just pulled out for reasons I wont go into and now she's left with no one to dance with. This hurts..as you can imagine, but there's not much time for hurt so we're (re: I'm) going to battle on and keep it positive.

    Sooo...seeing as I don't have anyone here who can do it with her, and I doubt I can coax one of my Netrider mates down here at such short notice, it looks like I'll be dancing with her. Instead of looking at it in a negative way I'm hoping that she'll come to appreciate it one day. I'm the one there for her..I'm the closest thing she has to a Dad at the moment..so why shouldn't we dance together.

    *goes and bangs head against the wall in silent frustration*
  2. Why does it not surprise me that your ex has pulled the pin :evil:

    Don't let him get to you Rosie, jump in and fill the void, I know you will do both you and your daughter proud :grin:

    And I wanna see piccies :wink:
  3. I'd offer to help out, but I learned all my dance moves from this guy.

  4. jeeez, c'mon you Melbourne Netriders, who's going to make this lady's night a special one??????
  5. Well being the best looking guy on here, I would gladly make all the other debutante's jealous of your beloved...but alas, my moves only extend to such classics as "the lawnmower', "the shopping trolley" and "the sprinkler"...and only after consuming amounts of alcohol that is probably illegal even in Ireland.
  6. I am at the petrol pump right now and on the way....................but I couldn't dance my way out of a wet paper bag. :LOL: :LOL:

    You and she'll be fine I am sure.

  7. hmmm, im just out of hospital, but i'm with kier :rofl:
    they wouldnt tolerate my alcohol requirements :(
  8. If I wasn't 2 hrs away and also a useless dancer I would gladly help out. I'm sure it will be far more special if it is you Rosie.

    ..and unless her Dad is in a coma in hospital somewhere, punch him in the nose for me next time you see him! :evil:
  9. I'd offer but the only dance moves I know are of the drunken rave hard dance variety, sorry.
  10. Is there karaoke at the same venue?
  11. would love to leand a hand but like johnny O i'm a melbourne shuffler...
  12. lol...guys, as long as you don't dance like Peter Garrett :LOL:

    Not looking for anyone to do this with her :) She's fine...we've been practicing the dance in the kitchen. Stuffed if I know how those ballroom dancers do it, I get dizzy after the third side - together - around - side - together - forward. And I get confused and step forward when I'm supposed to step to the side and vice versa. Oh well..it's supposed to be fun and I'm pretty sure we'll be having a laugh or two.

    She's fine with it. When I mentioned it to her (that I'd dance instead) we both got a bit teary....girls eh! :LOL:
  13. I'd offer my services Rosie, but I have a slight problem ! :)

    . . . . but she is like 2 twice my height !
    : :LOL:
  14. It helps if you don't hit the rum while you're practicing :p

    If she's crying at the thought of you dancing with her, she would be positively greeting if it was me :p.
  15. shock: Oh nooo Not Again
    will this man Ever stand up for his children
    let alone help you when you need it

    Please don't bang you ehad too hard hunny ,dont want head bumps for tomorrow night :D

    i am so dissapointed for your girls and
    i just Know you will do her proud darlin
    Please get someone to take a photo

    for the lil bit i can send to you i am Very PROUD of you darlin , you Never let your girls down :applause:
  16. Yeah, but at least you don't have two left feet :LOL: .
  17. hey! apparently thats me! :mad:

    seriously tho, if i really was a guy, i would do it

    if i had 2 feet, i would do it.

    if i had a bike, i would do it.

    no other, i live to far away, or dont know how to dance crap would came out me mouth.

    come on guys! go out of your way for once, it's called giving!

  18. I Adore Vic - The simple fact that you appear to be the only one who's ALWAYS there for your kids, I think it should have been you dancing with her from the outset.

    Hope you both have a great night! :grin:
  19. Rosie, you two will absolutely rock :dance:

    It's pretty special, and I think it will be even more special because you are going to do it together :cool:

    I wanna see all the pics Sunday and hear what a blast of a time you had \:D/
  20. I dance like Peter Garret....whats wrong with that?