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Dan Moto Exhaust

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Azzab, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Everybody. So my SV650S is on the road now and Im absolutely loving it... and the bark from V-Twin. Although I plan on keeping the bike till the end of my LAMS license (about 6 months) an exhaust upgrade keeps crossing my mind.

    Anyway I came across these Dan Moto slips on. Looks like I can get one delivered for $150. I will only do an upgrade if I can get a cheapy becuase the bike is only short term. Appreciate some opinions from the more experienced guys n gals on here.

    1. Has anyone used or seen them before?
    2. I understand it may not be the best quality, but I figure for $150 can I really go wrong?
    3. Can I put the old can back on if I dont like it?
    4. Or can I just modify the standard exhaust to be a bit louder?

    Thanks in advance as always
  2. I just put a carbon Dan Moto on a Ninja 250r. The build quality is in fact excellent in comparison to much more expensive exhausts, fit is close to perfect.
    Two things I can fault, the four little spring loops don't line up exactly, but this could also have something to do with the angle I wanted the tip and the clamp they give you is junk, I broke the through bolt easy $5 fix from Enzed.

    Now for the price you can't go wrong. $130 for the muffler plus I got the insert just in case, it comes with the fitting kit and included delivery, plus I got it in seven days! From China, I could only wish more Australian companies would delivery as quick.

    No, they aren't Termis, yet they are great bang for buck. The equvilent Akro was near on $400!
  3. 1. I've got one on my SV, I have posted photos of it on SVDU and SVRider. I got the carbon fibre one with an internal baffle.

    2. No problems so far, it's a nice grumble, quality is good. Only when you are up close you'll notice that the fibre weave is not perfect and they didn't do little finishing touches like rolling the edges of the stainless if you are a perfectionist.

    3. You can't go back to your old exhaust, you have to chop your midpipe just above where it goes from 2 into 1.

    If you want to return to an original exhaust, go to your wreckers and get a mid pipe from them, you might be able to get a rashed up one cheaper so you can chop that.

    4. Modifying the standard is quite expensive, it's been seam welded up and it is a big cannon :)