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Dan bought a bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DanOnABike, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. He did,
    a suzuki 250 intruder.
    pretty sweet so far, only done a few laps of my paddock, and up and down my dirt road as yet. Going for my L's on monday. I ve never ridden a bike before last tuesday, love it so far. Personal Top speed is 40kph. Also im 39 so my mid life crisis is just that little bit early.

    I am going to paint all the bits that are chrome matt black. Just cos. I think it needs it.

    I look forward to this forum

  2. welcome aboard DanOnABikeDanOnABike and you're never to old for a midlife crisis or a bike
  3. G'day Dan, 39, is that all, welcome aboard.
  4. Welcome to N R. Everyone will want to know where you are based. (I'm betting Vic).
    Don't sweat the speed just take it easy- practice slooooow riding as well. I was too keen on zapping around and really struggled to get the slow stuff right as a result.

    If you are having MLC @ 39 I must be having the second coming or just call me ghost rider!

    Enjoy yourself that is the most important thing !:troll:
  5. What she said, helps to put your location in your description, not compulsory but useful to you and others.
  6. Hey Dan, congrats on your new bike! I agree with Jeffco and Oldmaid, you are never too old for a bike or a mid-life crisis. And at 39, I bet this will be the first one with more to follow ;) Enjoy your new adventure and welcome to NR.
  7. Welcome to NR. Good luck with your new to you motorcycle and learning to ride it.
  8. Im in strathcedar! google will tell you that is in NSW.

    and not to worry, Im all about taking it easy, slow is where its at (for now)

    I have to say though, at this stage, after riding for almost a week, its not the speed that freaks me out a bit, its the accelaration. its crazy. and good.
  9. Acceleration is a good thing when used wisely... which is rich coming from me! I got pinged after having my bike for 4 days at a red light/ speed camera. I got away with it because apparently they couldn't read the number plate so I was told.
    I have been careful ever since but boy, do I feel the need for speed on occasion, I just pick my moments;-).

    Wait for the twistys! That'll ruin you for life:troll:
  10. hey Dan practice your slow speed manoeuvring , most drops for new riders are at low speeds, use your rear brake when going slow there is a whole heap more to it than that so do some searching welcome to the forum
  11. Welcome Dan! I had my first MLC at 35 (bought a stupid-fast car), having my second one now (37, first bike - on my Ls) so I seem to think it's nothing unusual for members of this forum!
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  12. welcome and congrats!

    don't let the age spoil your dreams! If you think you are old , what would you say if the person is going for MOST test at 55yrs of age?
  13. Welcome to a life of addiction mate!