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Damov first Track Day at Pukekohe Raceway NZ

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by damov, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Its been a while since my last post. Just thought I would share my first track day at the local race circuit here in Auckland. You may have heard of Pukekohe Raceway from the V8 super car series. Basically its a very fast but short circuit with 2 hair pins, a short straight, a long straight 2 switch backs and long banked corner.

    The day started with a morning cruise in peak hour traffic (yuk) down to Pukahoe from Auckland. The weather was accucally perfect for a change.

    We all met for a briefing on the rules and safety of the day and explanation of the various flags. There were 3 groups of slow. medium and fast. Each having 15 mins riding sessions. I went in the slow group but by no means was the pace slow as the majority of the riders were very capable and had done track days before. I took my first session relatively easy apart from opening it up on the back straight. After 2 session I managed to get comfortable with the track and having other riders around me. One of the organizers was kind enough to show me some racing lines and let me follow him on my third session and then backed up behind me to see how I fared up. After the session I was told that my race line and riding position to my surprise was really good with the only critic being that i needed to ease of my rear brake a little and adjust my foot position so as not to be to tempted to rear brake as much.

    So after a few tips I really settled into my riding and started increasing my speed a little and trusting my front break more. My top speed of the day (from what I noticed) was 240 kmph.

    I continued on with another 4 sessions. I really enjoyed powering onto the straights and getting hard leans on the hair pins. I left the day on a real hi and yeah still had to battle peak hour traffic on the way home but who cares I was buzzing!

    I really enjoyed the experience and learnt allot about my riding and my bike. I would seriously recommend it to anyone.

    Here a few pics one of the guys took on the day.

  2. Hey Damien, great to hear from you again. Sounds like you had a real blast, and that your riding has got more confident too. I remember following you on a couple of rides when you were here and you weren't quite sure of your lines (but very fast out of the corners!! :LOL:)

    Rob (?) Damien always had a advert for his own photography business in his sig, and his web-site, and it didn't get changed then :? Not picking, just remember it well, because I asked him for a quote to shoot my daughter's wedding :LOL:
  3. Hi ya hornet. Hows things. Glad to hear from ya buddy.

    Yeah I use to be a little unsure and uneasy of my cornering but its pretty much become the most enjoyable part of my riding now. Oh an yeah I still come out of them fast. (I just get off on that v twin sound)

    I am off to the states soon, which means me and my beautiful 748 will be parting ways :( Oh well think of the savings on servicing I guess (the last one including parts was $1500!!!! ouch) I am going to put a post up about selling my R6 in Aus in a few weeks too. Pm me if you hear of anyone looking for one or just an awesome bike. (black with red flames - hmm still sexy)