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Damned Tailgating POMS...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I went for a casual ride at lunch with a mate from work, heading along the beach past from Port Melborune to XXX and back

    Now this stretch is known for two things.
    Fast motorbikes and cops watching the fast motorbikes. Anyway, we are crusing on back and just pasing Luna Park, when a Landcruser pulls in on my mates tail. My mate is doing teh speed limit so he swaps to my lane and gets down to about a meter and a half behind me. (That is me the guy waring teh L plate) I slowed off and he pulled up tighter and flashed his lights. so I just dropped down till we were doing about 40. Then a twist of teh wrist and left the stupid POMS behind.

    But what twisted F$%k tries that shit on with an L plater. I happen to be an experianced L plater, but i could have just as easaly been out for my first day, nervos as all shit and dropped the bike right in front of him.

    Got his plate... Who thinks I should post it?
  2. fk him, he is just trying to piss u of.
  3. You could take the info to the police. They *may* follow it up. In the country here they would.

    I got a new 'P' plater in deep do-do's when I reported him for tailgating and hooning (had a car full of his mates). Turns out he had taken out his mum's car without her permission. He also had to pay for the new tyres he had burnt out. He got in more trouble from her I think than the cops :LOL:
  4. The police and Vic Roads for that matter will do jack, its your word against his and at any rate strictly speaking he hasnt caused any offense and even if he had, without a shred of evidence it will amount to nothing. Still a prick though, I hate talegaters
  5. That guy was a looooseeerrrr...!!!

    I like what you did though! :)
  6. forget him, he wins if you get pissed off. Karma will kick his arse one day :grin:
  7. Yep tailgating or "following too close" comes into the same category I believe as failing to dip your headlights or going a few kph over the speed limit (ie only 1 demerit point and around a 120 buck fine). But if someone fails to display p-plates they lose 3 :? - good to see they're focusing on the important safety issues isn't it :roll:.
  8. Yeah, Lets just hope when Karma comes up and bites him that he doesn't have any poor kids in the back.
  9. Cant say I really understand the purpose of displaying a P plate anyway other than perhaps to let police know that you are one and can then pull you up on your licence restrictions. I mean an L plate yes I see the point because other drivers then know your learning and most will give you a bit of room. A P plate on the other hand im not so sure. Ive lost count of the amount times ive said "bloody P-plater"
  10. To play devil's advocate -

    Why weren't you guys both in the left lane if there was somebody trying to pass?

    It gives me the shits when I can't get past slower traffic blocking the fast lane. The right lane is for passing and he made it very clear he wanted to pass. What do you care if he's speeding?

    /Not condoning tailgating, but you could have avoided the situation.
  11. Having to display p-plates sorta makes sense (let's other road users know who to avoid :LOL:). Just can't understand why the penalty for not displaying them is the same as someone tailgating another car, with their highbeams on, doing 10kph over the limit.
  12. Every time I see P-plate, I see it as "very high risk of potential idiot behind the wheel". I mean, that's how I treat most traffic anyway, but with P-platers, it's just that little bit extra.
  13. We were in a 60 zone, doing no less than 60, with traffic ahead of us, there was no where for him to go. And whether I was going fast slow or whatever, tailgaiting is damn F$%&$ng dangorous.
  14. he he yeah i guess although most of the drivers on the road are dangerous. Im just wondering if its just an excuse to have a go; they do something stupid, you see the P-Plate, ah yes its because he is a p-plater lol. Truth be told they'll probably still be driving like an idiot when theyre off it.
  15. not to put too fine a point on it, but you can readily find idiots who will sit a metre behind you in the left lane of a duel carriageway who for some reason just don't want to overtake - fools everywhere!

    I see idiots, they're everywhere...
  16. Don't give it too much thought Falcon-Lord, there are a lot of morons out there.

    Tailing a bike, especially one on L plates, this person should get his name changed to Captain D1ckh3@d.
  17. I actually miss my p-plates. Used to get a lot more respect from other drivers - they were far less likely to pull out onto the road or drive across in front of me at roundabouts. Now the P's are (long) gone I'm constantly having to brake to avoid hitting cars that have seen me but must figure I'll stop for them so it's right for them to go :evil:.
  18. "Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle with you."

    What was the title of this song? It would make a good sticker for lane-splitters.
  19. "Stuck in the middle with you" (!) by... somebody...

  20. Steve Miller Band? :?