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Damn You soft grass!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Archaeon, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. I dropped my bike yesterday.. was riding very slowly over an unavoidable patch of grass to reach the driveway on the otherside...

    ... The grass must have been soggy due to the rain water, rear slipped waaaay too easily, and before I knew it, the bike was taking a rest on the grass.

    No damages, minor unnoticable scruffs on a decal. Luckily I had thrown on some aftermarket levers that bend, otherwise brake lever would've snapped. lol chunks of grass on the lever end.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Always transverse grass and mud trails with caution, keep bike upright and gentle with the throttle.. having your feet off the pegs also helps.. Just needed to vent .. ahhh.. better now.
  2. Wise words!!!:-w
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  3. also weight the peg opposite to the direction you are travelling in, this helps immensely when keeping your balance.
    i have learned a thing or two off roading the big heavy DR650 on road tyres.
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  4. Everyone needs a rest sometimes... At least your bike has good taste as to where to take it! Mine took it on the bitumen the other day...
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  5. This is one of my biggest fears in daily riding. I don't put the bike on the grass often but when I do I get paranoid about traction. I usually end up walking it for the sake of being safe rather than sorry (which works fine if it's your backyard or nature strip like it usually is for me).

    Edit: Funny I comment about my paranoia on the matter given my current avatar lol
  6. i take me gs500 off road all the time it is the only way for me to get home and i find that the best bet is just to have really steady tholle control and don't panic
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  7. Yeah, the cold, wet weather makes anything not made of ashpalt bad news.

    Welcome to the club :) I have done the same thing. The wet soft ground also saved the bike from any damage. It's just embarrasing is all!
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  8. [​IMG] .... damn straight! :p
  9. ... you changed ur avatar ...
  10. Alas.. fortunately no-one saw me .. at least I don't think anyone did...
    I was very surprised at how fast it slid from under me. I knew it would be risky, so it was a case of steady... steeeeeady... !!... WTF..?! :-s
  11. I like your levers.
  12. hahaha I must've done that an hour after I posted that too. Twas a photo of my GS parked on the naturestrip, decided to change it as I don't have the bike anymore :(