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Damn you rapid bikes!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Hey there guys,

    I just want to clear this up from the get-go. Yes, I'm being very very anal.

    So now to the meat and potatos.

    In about three or so months I'm going to be in the market for an upgrade to a 600cc bike.

    I had my heart set on a 2006 GSX-R600. My brother has an 03 GSXR1000 and loves it to pieces. Had an 04 GSX-R600 and said that if someone hadn't relieved him of it, and half his leg flesh, he'd still have it due to being such a sweet bike.

    As a bit of a long-term rider, he also states that R6's are fast, but just feel sloppy, CBR600RR's are fast, neat ride but are just slower than their Suzi/Yammi/Kwaka counterparts. Last but not least, says that Kwaka's are "just shit" lol, he has a way with words.

    My brother is networked with a whole heap of riders, goes to track days and has ridden everything from a Aprilia RS125 to a ZX-14 to a Busa to a Peewee 50 and says that he likes the Gixxer the best.

    Now I trusted his judgement 100 fold until I picked up the May 07 Rapid bikes issue with the supersport 600 shootout.

    After reading Wayne Gardiners evaluation of the four bikes, I was surprised to find the Cibby as the leader of the pack in regards to overall performance, ride position and comfort, etc etc etc.

    My budget will only allow for something in the area of an 04 to an 05 at the most, so I wanted to get the opinions of my fellow riders as to what experiences they've had on their 600's in the past, and what the general consensus is on them.

    Right now, I'm kinda torn between the Cibby and a ZX-6R (with a better paint job than that f**king horrible green or orange).

    Opinions? Additions?

    Thanks guys
  2. LOL

    Did you read my post???

    Apparently the K6/7 GSXR600 just doesn't cut it in the world of the 600's?

    Why are YOU selling yours eh??

  3. If I was buying a brand new 600, I'd get a CBR for looks, or a ZX6R for a fast bike that's frickin' bullet-proof.

    I love the look of the gixxers, but I don't know what the hell Suzuki are doing that means they NEED a steering dampener when everyone else can make a stable bike...
    But regardless - you can't buy a GSXR600 :arrow: you have to buy the 750 if anything :grin:

    R6's are solid, but are styled solely to make the R1 look super duper even more betterer by comparison [seriously, that grill on the front! It's a vagina. Yeah, I said it.].

    Make sure you test-ride a twin too!
    Suzuki SV650/1000, VTR1000, etc. You might find one of those suits you beautifully. They're lovely and easy to burn around town on... and will out-sound any 4-pot once you chuck a nice pipe on.
  4. Well Rapid bikes was talking about the 07 supersport models not the 04/05 models that are in your price range. Therefor you really shouldn't base your decision on the rapid bikes magazine because as you know the 07 bikes are very different beasts compared to their 04 counterparts. I would still say though that from the reviews I have read the 05 Suzuki's seem to get a very good rating by many. The CBR600RR is a new bike from the ground up so I would think riding a 04 CBR600RR would be different from the 07 model.
  5. Hence the thread.

    So the ZX-6R is a reasonable bike?

    I mean the difference between an 05 CBR600RR and a 2007 is what, 3k?

    I may decide to spend the extra if the bike I get is worth it.

    So who was the king in 2004? I haven't been into bikes for THAT long, so I have no idea.

  6. Yeah thats the question you should be asking, my money is still on the Suzuki in 04 but I could be wrong :eek:
  7. Bottom line.

    Buy your bike on looks alone, which one do YOU like the look of best?

    You will never see the limits of any of the 600's so what does it matter if one has 3 more hp or the other is more stable when you lean it at 65 degrees. Pffft, buy the one that looks the best!

    Why am I selling? That's just what I do. I don't keep things long, when I sell this and get something new, it will hang around for 12-24mths just like this one. :grin:
  8. Get a ducati 749
  9. The '03 / '04 ZX-6R was the lightest of the bunch (lighter than the '05/'06 and '07+ bikes), and had the 636cc motor...
  10. Yep, ZX6 was.

    If you're basing your judgement on performance alone (and let's face it there are many more importanat aspects to riding a bike) then I tend to believe the results of the Masterbike shootout in Spain.

    ZX6r was the winner.
  11. You might be interested in this article , it's a comparison from 2004. Nine pages long, but in the end their rankings, from the lowest to the highest, were:

    5 - Ducati 749 "...we thought of the Duc like a niece or nephew to an uncle who's not yet ready to have his own offspring: they're great to have around for an afternoon, but at a certain point you can't wait to give 'em back... "

    4 - CBR600RR
    3 - GSX-R600
    2 - ZX-6R
    1 - Yamaha R6
  12. Why is that?
  13. I didn't write the above - just quoted it, so if you want to know what moved them to their conclusion, best read the article. That's why I provided the link :)
  14. The Rapid article was great.

    I must admit, It has caused me to re-evaluate each of those bikes (I still have 8 months to think about it).

    What really matters though, is YOU. Get the best bike for you. The bonus is, with a used 600, you won't have any problem landing an opportunity to ride each one.

    Even your brother's wealth of knowledge isn't going to assist with how you feel on a particular bike.

    Get out there and do some tests when the time comes and, more importantly, post some findings for the rest of us!
  15. :shock:
  16. Sounds like a typical one-eyed Gixxer rider to me. ;)

    Bear in mind Gardiner is quite biased towards the Hondas - you can see if through the various reviews they do in Rapid (and by comparing them to all other bike mags).

    From the summary of all the reviews of 600s I read (I was thinking about one too), the CBR was a great balanced bike, but a bit boring. R6 was revvy & peaky, but quite good on the track. ZX6R had the advantage of a few extra cc's, so it was the king on the road performance-wise. And while the GSXR was sweet, it didn't stand out in any tests - unlike it's bigger brother.

    When it comes down to it though, they're all VERY similar in performance and capability. What it really comes down to is the one that fits you physically and which one you like the look of. Don't really know what I'd go, to be honest. Probably a Ninja, but that's because I had such a great experience with my ZX9R.
  17. Have you actually tried any of the bikes? (i do note you're still on your 250 though and perhaps on restrictions)

    I had my heart set on a '04 CBR600, best colour scheme, honda reliablity, decent ergo, and in price range. Rode it... didn't like it.

    '05 GSXR600 thought they looked a lil bit porky, rode it... liked it.
    '06 GSXR750 couldn't afford it, it looked brilliant, had a sign that said test ride. Rode it... LOVED IT!
    '00 R6 thought I should try it. Didn't like it. Gearing too tall in the city, and theres no torque low down.
    '06 Daytona 675 shopping for the GSXR750, got offered a test ride on the "best midsize sportsbike" in the shop. Rode it.... LOVED IT! ... lol f**k the 600s says I.

    ended up with a 750 after all, but it was a tough choice between that and the 675. (also had to wait a few more months to save up the extra cash)
  18. Wow, so there's arguments each way.

    I'm a little 'resigned' on the ZX6-R for one main reason, no one I know has one or even likes them.

    That, and the colour is nothing short of horrible lol

    The GSXR is just a sexy looking bike, I LOVE the look of them but I don't want something that's going to execute me the second I get a bit 'learner' on it (read: too hot into corners and stuff lol)

    I want to stick with a "generic" brand, aka honda, suzi, kwaka and steer clear of things like Triumph, ducati etc. I'm just thinking about servicing costs etc.

    Well I guess I'll just have to get off these restrictions and take a few for a ride. I can get my opens at any time (23 y.o. and currently 4 years on open licence in a cage) so I'll just have to bite the bullet and pay out the dollars.

    Man these decisions are not fun ehehe

    I just don't want to buy my 'dream bike' based on looks and find out it rides like a dog. I don't mind sacrificing a little speed for handling and braking, but I don't want a slow-ass bike either.
  19. What sort of riding do you usually do? Is comfort a factor? Do you need the sharpest tool in the shed? What's on special this week? What colours do you like? Can you save money and get an older model and spend the extra cash on nice mods? How's the insurance?