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Damn you rain...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rusti_GotRage, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. #1 Rusti_GotRage, Jan 24, 2011
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    So much for riding today... With just 1 days on the road experience under my belt, I'm thinking I'm not quite ready for riding in the rain just yet...

    And owning some wet weather gear would be handy too...

    ......rain, rain, go away.....


  2. I'm hearin' ya Rusty. I'm picking up my first bike on Wednesday. Had high hopes of riding it home until I saw the forecast for the next few days...
  3. I think everyone up here in SE Qld can empathise with your plight. Although its fine now, we've had a very very wet summer. Its really interfered with riding. Looking forward to a DRY winter!
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    Good point elf...

    It does seem a tad bitchy to be complaining about the rain here when there's been flooding in SE Qld and northern Vic.

    Still.... :p
  5. Opened the door saw rain and thought typical Melbourne, sunny one day and wet the next. Then thought I'd been riding in sunny, humid conditions of late and it was a welcome relief to get to ride in cooler weather again albeit wet which by the time I left home at 8:00 the roads were wet but rainfall had stopped.

    Rusti once you feel confident enough to ride in the rain all you need is a water/wind proof 2 piece or 1 piece over pant/jacket which are able to be folded and small compact enough to store in your underseat storage well for a "rainy" day and cost about $20-25 for each piece or $40-60 1 piece. Then from there you can add bits and pieces to your armor to make you more waterproof as the need arises.
  6. I love riding in the rain. There is something about it - I don't know what though. I don't know if it's the sound of the rain tapping away on the lid, the extra challenge of keeping the bike upright - there is just something about riding in the rain that makes it really enjoyable.

    It's not something I want to be doing 'all' the time because cleaning the bike afterwards can be a real pain in the ass. Every so often though it's great.
  7. Did my L's in the rain, loved it.

    Only 4 other times I've been for a ride it's been bucketing. It's fun for a while until you're totally satched :-k (no wet weather gear).

    Pity I can't afford my own bike due to disgustingly large bills.. ](*,)

    Lucky I enjoy rain though, living in Qtown..
  8. I left home at 7am this morning. Rained the entire trip. I decided to experiment and find out how my summer gear goes in the wet. I had on my breathable Rjays pants, and breathable dryrider jacket. Under, I had only a T and Jocks. I had a change of cloths with me in my bag.

    So, a couple of things, 1, I got wet (of course). It was a little bit cold with the wind on me when I was wet, but not too bad for a short commute (10 kms). I was most concerned with the road conditions. To get to work, I cross over 5 sets of tram lines. I made sure that I was totally upright, crossing them at right angles (where possible, some of them turn off down side streets, so, crossed them at a bit of a bend) and was neither accelerating nor breaking while crossing them. In the end, my T got wet and my legs a bit, but that was it. My phone was in my pocket, which is water proof (well, it's totally sealed, and I assumed - correctly - that my phone would stay dry) and my back pack did a great job keeping everything dry. I really enjoyed the experience. I will now start to add in bits and pieces and see how that goes, weather permitting ;)
  9. In the right gear unless you are crazy about being freezing cold, riding in the rain is a lot of fun. Keep a little more weight on the outside peg in corners (which, naturally, you are taking slower and a little more cautiously :p) to help stabilise the rear wheel.

    Take note: In my experience a full body suit is the best for stopping water flow, but its also a pain in the ass when you are putting it on and taking it off all the time - rain pants can stay on, and its far easier to take a rain jacket off when you need to ;).
  10. Absolutely, though it's a lot less fun in winter.
    Make the most of the rain while it's still reasonably warm.
  11. When it starts to rain, Take it easy till the water washes the oil off the road,
    Its very greasy and slippery as it starts to rain,
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    Well, tomorrow I think I'll take myself off to visit AMX in Keilor and get me some wet weather gear, as well as see if they have any boots to fit my giant feet and calf muscles...
    Even though I'm on a cruiser, I still don't feel comfortable riding in my old work boots.
  13. I got a Dri-rider wet weather jacket and pants for $60 (I think) about a month ago from AMX. Folds up nice as well - you can jam both the jacket and pants into a fairly small space if needed. I got caught in really heavy rain 2 weeks ago and it held up very well. I was surprised at well actually.
  14. Kmart have very cheap water proof clothing, Its plastic, but keeps you totally dry.
    Make sure the seams are taped and sealed,
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    my son has giant feet (16+) and the only place we could find boots to fit was the peter stevens clearance centre in a'beckett st. some of the larger size alpinestars are oversize.
  16. AMX have a pretty poor range of boots in my opinion. At least the Keilor store did when I was there anyway.