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Damn you motorbike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ngalbrai, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. My fitness is suffering as I much prefer riding the motorbike than the pushbike to work, except when its pissing down with rain in which case I feel far safer (and far wetter) on the pushbike.

    I might have to join a gym – gah…nooooooo…
  2. gym is good - lift heavy and lift hard till you puke - its all about intensity not reps or sets

    I can get a better workout in 30 minutes than most guys do in 2 hours

    in fact my workouts are never more than 40 minutes
  3. Get some wet gear!
  4. ride in a wetsuit
  5. Yeah I just shake my head at those guys who spend 10 minutes talking sh*t and looking at themselves in the mirror in between sets.
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  6. I hear ya man I hear ya - and they sit at the weights/machine that you want to use and spend 10 mins texting their bitches and mates saying " bro/biatch I am soo pumped right now "
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  7. Every time I read shit like this I realise how lucky I am, I've never had to train in a commercial gym.

    EDIT: Mind you at the heavy end of a training cycle we do take 10 mins between sets and talk shit but that's because you actually need the recovery.
  8. Yeah I have strict rules regarding how i get to work:

    Ride the pushy every day without fail unless i have to go somewhere directly after work or somewhere during work.

    Only ever drive if i have to take a lot of stuff from work or deliver something or otherwise use the car's load capacity.

    Motorbike when it's just me needing to go somewhere without any stuff but in a hurry (so can't ride pushy).

    Also agree - i prefer riding the pushbike in the rain as, despite the err sketchy braking, i do feel more comfortable and i love the feeling of being absolutely feral and soaked after a hard days work :D

    Agreed, my one sesh with a PT confirmed that your workout, for optimum efficiency, should be definitely less than an hour. It's incredibly annoying when people just sit infront of the mirror jacking off to them selves when you just want to spend literally 2 minutes pumping out some intense reps and hi weight... used to shit me to tears when i frequently pumped the old iron.
  9. Well, most novices should be able to get their workout done in 45mins or a bit longer so long as they don't spend too much time ****ing about.

    But if you're serious about getting strong you'll eventually have to have longer workouts so you can get enough rest between sets.

    The average gym idiot doesn't need to spend hours at the gym, they don't do any training anyway.

    My powerlifting club (Melbourne Uni Powerlifting) is right next to the main gym. It's not as bad as a Fitness First but you see some bullshit there. I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually squatting. Mirrors everywhere, seems to encourage people to look at their tiny biceps.

  10. I disagree - i am an advocate of HIT ( Mike Mentzer knew his stuff so did Dorian Yates ) - I believe there is no need for endless reps and sets just heavy weight and intensity meaning full extension or contraction

    how many sets are needed to get stronger and bigger - only enough to stimulate the muscle by working it 100% to failure --- 1 warm up set - 1 build up set and one max set - eg - I will get more out of doing 3 sets of 4 or 5 reps of 160/200/ 220kg dead lifts with max 30 seconds between sets than you will of 10 sets of 8 reps 120 kg dead lifts resting for 5 minutes between sets

    I have had massive strength and size gains using a pec dec 3 sets of 6 reps on 120 kg - then countless time I wasted on bench press which is more your bloody delts and triceps anyway

    The benefit of a fast workout not resting between sets and exercises more than enough to catch your breath is that the fat burnt I believe is greater as your body must dig into reserves for the intense workouts - push it till you wanna puke

    resting is what you do at home not in the gym
  11. As a powerlifter (though not a good one) I disagree with your training philosophy.

    Why would you do 10x8 of a light weight in the first place anyway? There are probably better exercises than deadlifts if you want to increase your work capacity or endurance. I rarely do more than six reps.

    If you can get 3x5x220 with 30 seconds rest why not add 20+kg to the bar and rest for four minutes?

    That really depends on how you are benching.

    What do you mean by this? I'm probably reading it wrong but you're equating intensity to full range of motion?

    I'm not really in a position to comment about fat loss, but in my posts I'm specifically talking about strength.

    Most olympic lifters rest 12 minutes between sets. (often a heavy triple or double) Sometimes they'll lie down for 30 mins between exercises.

    If you want to get stronger you're better off resting enough to make the next set. If you only need 30 seconds you should have more weight on the bar. I'll take between 4-10 minutes.

    I'm guessing you're training to get bigger if you're mentioning guys like Dorian Yates though, I've never really trained for that and I know that after you get through your novice period you wouldn't be training that much like a powerlifter. Though guys like Arnold, Columbo, Coleman were trained to get strong before doing more advanced body building stuff. I know Columbo was a weightlifter and powerlifter before becoming a body builder, and I think Arnold did a few powerlifting comps too.

    Then you get guys like Konstantin Konstantinovs who are powerlifters but are still huge:


    Or the Dave Gulledge transformation:



    Hell while I'm here these guys are all powerlifters that had pretty decent physiques:





    Or even an Aussie, Adam Coe (in the red shorts):


    Ok, now that I've properly homo-ed up this thread my point is that saying you should rest long between sets is not good advice for most people trying to get strong or even big. I know the guys I posted don't have much on modern pro bodybuilders but most a bigger than the average bloke wants to be.
  12. flippers come in handy when you cant pedal