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Damn you motorbike, damn you...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ngalbrai, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Before I bought and fell in love with you I was smugly content to cycle to work every day, keeping fit and giving the girls in the office the daily "treat" of me in fluro gear and lycra.

    But, since you I have abandoned the pushbike, you are faster and far more fun, I imagine myself as a less teenage boy looking non Ducati riding version of shobia lepoof or whatever his name is in Wall Street 2 - cool.

    I have even looked into the ghastly option of joining a gym [shudder].

    My awesome pushbike sits in the hallway, a layer of dust and cobwebs forming on its once gleaming frame, tires looking flat, rejected, unused, a lonely salty tear running down its carbon fork.

    Damn you motorbike, for the smile you put on my face even in the (frequent) rain, for your convenience and free parking, for the fuel cost that's small enough to ignore, for the glimpses of myself on you in reflective shop windows and the resultant twinge of narcisism...

    Damn you!

    [looks on web for small item of bike bling to buy for valentines day...] - gone too far? Probably...
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  2. Tyres
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  3. Thanks for the feedback - how do you know I'm not American and that's how I spell it? Hmm?

    I am a pom [hangs head in shame].
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  4. I never get tired of people enjoying their bikes :LOL:
  5. Doesn't matter. You'd still be wrong. :bolt:
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  6. Ha...wholeheartedly agree.
  7. Maybe Smee meant, "buy tyres for Valentines Day"

    If you want some bling, how about one of these? Nothing like jewellery for the one you love on Valentine's Day..