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Damn window washer!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryangus, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Riding home yesterday and the bloke in front decides to wash his windscreen, which subsequently sprayed me. For a split second I wondered why my visor suddenly had droplets all over it, only to then realise what had happened.

    Wonder what chemicals he may have had in his washer bottle 8-[
  2. better to have detergent spayed on you,

    than to have sheep or pig piss all over you when a cattle truck goes over a bump.
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  3. Some people do that on purpose to get you off their tail if they think you are too close.
  4. imagine if you had your visor up...........hahah that would have been a funny sight.
  5. Could that be considered Vehicular assault?


  6. Or take advantage of it and follow Mr. Bean..........brush your teeth and maybe wash your hair :).
  7. It definitely would have had some dihydrogen Oxide. That's some nasty shit. ;)
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  8. Carry some old brake fluid and return the favour when you split past.
  9. It's true!
  10. Over take them riding a two stroke.
  11. if you blipped the throttle on my old gsxr1100 a few times it used to spit flames out of the exhaust.

    Handy for people that pulled up too close at the lights.
  12. I want one of those! Reckon an old gs1000 will do it too?
  13. I had an old bloke do this to me stopped at lights last week. He must have pressured his washer system since some hit me and some cleared over me and I was a good car length back from his bumper.
  14. My old clapped out GS750 used to, so I recon a thou would too 8-[

    My fav payback is, as I overtake the cage and get level with it's boot I keep the throttle open and flick the kill switch on the VTR then reset it when level with the drivers door :angel:

    I have been told by fellow netriders that crapped themselves in the Burnley tunnel when I woke them all up ! That besides the noise of the twin thou exploding back into life I get about a mtr of flame throw out the back hehehe

    God i love the old fashioned Carby Bikes 8-[
  15. Had one on the rear of a 4wd the other day. The spray went straight up the near vertical rear window without touching it, deflected of the small lip spoiler at the roof line and rebounded straight back at me. Luckily I stopped far enough to the left for it to miss me.

    You do have to wonder if the driver knows about it.
  16. The other window washers walking the lane between cars gives me the sh*ts too.
  17. Sorry, I do this all the time in the car :p I'm a bit compulsive when I see a bit of dirt or something that bugs me, but my washers are pretty weak, I'd be surprised if they clear the spoiler
  18. Yeah they need to ban that shit big time
    these people are on the right track by signing the petition against it