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Damn wet weather

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Didly, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Coming home today in the rain I didn't expect to be caught in...was pulling up to an intersection when I started fish tailing, trying to stop. I'm pretty sure there was oil or something on the road, was lots of pretty rainbows which I got a close look at while I went for a slide :oops: .

    I could have probably done with a little bit more room between me and the car in front, but I had started sliding before even applying that much pressure - a pretty ordinary feeling at any speed.

    No real major damage to myself or the bike. Just a bent brake lever, scratched fairings and the steering is a little bit out of alignment, but I managed to get it home ok. Was only 5 minutes away, thankfully.

    My gear has paid for itself twice over. Had on some Hornee jeans and my legs are still a little bit red from the slide...be a messy site with out them on.

    EDIT: Forgot to add, thanks for the guy behind for stopping to help me out, and there was one other guy who popped out of no where too, to check on me.
  2. sorry to hear of the off
    happy to hear you walked away with your skin
    bikes can be replaced, knees cant :/
  3. Did you hit the car in front? Why is your alignment out?

    Bad luck :(

    Be super careful in this atrocious weather!

  4. Nah, I didn't hit the car in front. I probably would have if I managed to keep the bike up though, almost just aswell I went down. I thought I had enough room, but once I touched the brakes, things changed quickly. The alignment is out after coming off, just from the bars knocking the ground I 'spose.

    It's happened once before after I came off (Just my own plain stupid fault...no other reason hah) I just racked the bars back into line with a guy from work helping me.
  5. did you lock your rear?

    if you stayed upright i doubt you would have hit the car. rubber is much better at stopping than fairing, even in wet.

    bad luck mate, be careful out there.
  6. lol good point. yeah, the rear did lock up, the oil certainly didn't help things along though, or what ever the crap was on the road. I first though my bike was leaking something, but there was a huge streak of it all over the road
  7. That's bad news but sounds like a bit of good luck too. I'm often amazed at how little grip a bike has on the road, compared to what we think it has. Oil just makes it that much worse!
  8. Most likley a diesel spill from a truck that's forgotten to replace the fuel cap.

    It happens.

    I too had a moment today in the rain, gassed it taking off from the lights and the rear wheel wanted to say hi to the front wheel.

    I think I grew an inch in height ;)
  9. Slippy.

    Never surprises me. I know what happens to traction when it rains after a few weeks or months of dry weather.
    Panel beaters go and order big ticket items whenever it rains after summer.
    All that old rubber, oil, dust and crud floats to the surface, and yep, you get the pretty rainbows and suds on the black stuff, and especially so near intersections. But, people just keep on driving and riding like tyres are magnetic, and aren't the least bit connected to the road by chemical contact.
    You have to back off and go 20% slower, and leave 20% more room to stop in the wet.
  10. In hindsight, if you only used the front brakes and didn't touch the rear (which subsequently locked and caused the slide), do you think you would not have gone down like you did?
  11. Sorry to hear mate. Don't let it put you off.
  12. I think if I used front brake only, that probably would have had the same outcome, but the rear sliding around gave me time to prepare to go down, unlike when the front comes out. That's happened to me before, but a totally different story that I'm to embarrased to even tell lol.

    Well it always scares the crap out of you when it happens, thinking of what else could have happened, with all the cars behind me in peak hour on a highway. But I've always wanted to ride bikes since I was a kid, but never really was in the position to, but now that I work full time...I can. I love bikes.

    Coming off for stupid crap is just part of the process on your L's I spose :LOL:

  13. I'm glad you walked away relatively unscathed. Its a bit of a worry from what you've written in a couple of your responses. Considering you've put it down before, would you say that it was completely the oil that caused you to come unstuck or that you're on the brakes too hard and later than you need to be in the wet? I hope you don't have any more falls from locked up brakes.
  14. I could have been on the brakes earlier, yes. Lesson learned for the wet weather riding. It wasn't completely the oils fault.
  15. Glad to hear that there is no serious damage to yourself. your bike will be fine. they dont break so easily.
  16. hhrrmm...you're giving me 2nd thoughts about riding tomorrow to uni
  17. bad luck on the fall , good to see you came out of it alright, i rode home in the wet last week and could follow a trail of deisel from where a truck obviously left its cap off went for a few blocks before the trail happily went off down another road always be on your guard in the wet but glad your not deterred