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Damn this weather!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tmg, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. I don't know about you people here in QLD, but this weather is giving me the willies :evil: I haven't had a decent ride - either commute or sunday twisties - for at least a week or more, because of this stupid cyclone off the coast up north somewhere, which I heard is making it's way down the coast......super!!!! :(

    I was riding home this arvo after work almost getting blown sideways off the road from the wind, it's just rediculous. I only have the bike at the moment, and I really am considering selling it or swapping it for a car because of it all.

    My Rant for this week.

  2. :LOL: :LOL: :rofl: :rofl:

    ....move to QLD...................

    weathers great..........

    Victorian weather sucks...........

    Melb forecast-
    Thursday Fine Min 15 Max 30
    Friday Fine. Min 19 Max 35
    Saturday Fine day. Min 20 Max 37
    Sunday Becoming fine. Min 19 Max 24
    Monday Fine. Min 15 Max 23
    Tuesday Fine. Min 15 Max 26
    Wednesday Fine. Min 18 Max 33

    :p :cheeky:

    I'm going riding tommorrow, and Friday, prolly Saturday........ :LOL: :cool:
  3. ...and i neglected to slop on the sunscreen before the missus and i took off for an arvo cruise up the coast today, got my nose fried and i look like i should have been leading Santas sleigh!

    sposed to be another top day tomorrow too! :p
  4. You should try Adelaide then.

    It's either too freaken hot (42c this weekend)
    Too cold.
    Too windy.
    Too wet.
    The weather is only right for riding about 20% of the time, and generally only on a Wednesday........

    It's mid summer and I haven't ridden for over a week due to the weather......
  5. Oh stop being a bloody sook & just get out there & ride.
    Ok tmg has a real excuse not to be out riding but those who biatch & moan because its too cold, too windy, too wet, blah blah ... why on earth you ride then has me beat.

    Pete managed to escape work yday, so we went for ride over to
    Beechworth, then stopped off at Milawa Cheese Factory on way home.

    Yeah was stinkin bloody hot round the low 40's ( as it has been since last week & will continue to be for at least another week ) so you can imagine the radiated heat off the road. Took one of the kids insulated lunch pack with some ice packs, kept the water, the neck wraps (wore on way home) & the cheese all nice & cool.

    The only real thing that stops us from riding is the state of the roads. In this heat they start to bleed, literary & in some places OMFG

    Just friggin deal with it. :roll:
  6. Hehe I know the feeling ... I have been pretty lucky with the commute with all the rain atm... but the other day whilst A) hung over b) squidding c) half asleep I had to take a quick ride back home from a mates place...

    Wind + Port road (oil & crap) + skinnly lil contact patch on tyre = rear wheel on ice skates...I wasn't ready for it and not particularly in the mood. Nearly shat myself on a couple of occasions. Ahh well I think we are all a bit spoilt up here, weathers rarely an issue and not something I want to handle whilst keeping my lunch in. Still good practice i guess.
  7. Move to Canberra! Problem solved! \:D/

    Pretty decent roads (we do have bumpy parts, tho! - and I even saw a pothole once or twice! :p ], we get pretty fair weather, and it's fairly bang on the forecasts... not too humid even in summer, not too cold [okay, so ya need layered thermal gear in winter!].. From an ex-Novocastrian's point of view, we only really get one and a half to two months of stinkin' hot heat.. but it's only very rarely humid.
  8. +1 :grin:
  10. Hmmm, you guys are being a bit harsh.

    Up where he lives, the winds might be 100km/h+ with that cyclone off the coast... farked if I'd be riding in those conditions WITH rain and shit visibility to boot. :shock:

    Regarding wet weather gear - none of it is perfectly water proof... especially in heavy rain... if your job is in the public eye, then getting a bit wet might be a big deal...
  11. Are you kidding? That forecast looks pretty damn good to me. 7 days of fine weather and only 2 days in there I would think twice about riding due to the heat (but probably would anyway).
  12. I'm at Dargo doing fire logistics and its great up here although I'll be stuck here for a few more days. Pitty my bike is home.

    On a side note:
    If anyone is riding up this way over the next few days, be careful as the hot weather has leached a lot of bitumen out of the road surface and some corners are a little slippery.
  13. I rode home the other day when it was 42 here, was freakin' horrible.
  14. I don't mind riding in the rain or the cold but I wouldn't head out on a decent ride if it was in the 40's.
  15. First time since my husband got a bike (2001) that he hasn't gone on a decent ride between Christmas and New Years :mad:

    First time I've had a bike to ride with him and it's in the garage with the cover on it. :cry:

    Yesterday the car was getting blown around in the wind on Kessells Rd - it's away from the coast and still the wind was that strong that the little Lancer was struggling up a hill!! And the prediction for next week - the same again :cry:

    We're moving house - and its gonna be raining :shock: however will we manage :wink: Big Truck, 3 minutes to new house, I think we'll be fine!
  16. + 1 for Canberra,

    I am probly one of the very few people who actually like the place,

    Shame I cant move there, yet, looks online for another job
  17. Well because you are clearly so much harder than me, you're most welcome to it.
    Being either barbecued in my own sweat, frozen, blown off the road by every passing vehicle or having water running down the back of my neck in the rain is not my idea of fun what ever way I look at it.
    Guess I'll just have to harden-the-fark-up and become a motorcycling tyrannosaurus...... just like you. :roll: