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Damn !!!! This kid can 'fly' !!! RC Guru !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nickers330, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Now if this doesn't drop your jaw, not many things will.
    A real Aircraft Remote Control LEGEND ! See for yourselves...


    Bloody amazing !

  2. Already shared on my f/b...
    Defies the laws of physics...
  3. Perhaps you should try throwing in a few of those moves on your next sector, Nickers?
  4. As a kid I wanted to fly model planes, closet thing I got was a 'hand' wired control took off, straight up and straight down lol
    This clip sure as hell gets the old urge to get out and get a radio controlled version..
    that guys amazing..
  5. LOL !
    I was going to add to the bottom of the message above ...

    [Disclaimer : None of the manoeuvres in this video have been tried on passengers inflight]


    For anyone keen on seeing a 'real' aircraft on approach for landing, be at Tulla tomorrow just before midday (Rwy direction for landing to be confirmed..when you turn up !) Already have a Legend of a mate attending to take snaps !

    Oh, and again...the arrival will be boring compared to the above :LOL:
  6. Do a search on YouTube for Alan szabo

    You'll see some real flying....
  7. Yeah, he's the rc copter guy.

  8. wow just wow
  9. Wow! ... Knickers, how do we even begin to explain to the non flying people how HARD this is? This guy's stick and rudder skills are off the planet.
  10. Its passed midday. No reports of a plane coming in inverted. Kinda disappointed :(
  11. Power and strength to weight, make it all possible. Hell, the thing doesn't even need wings except as control surfaces. Some of the "best" RC plane flying I've seen was with planes that basically had a triangular delta wing and a good engine. They flew on pure power.

    The young man has great spatial awareness and stick and rudder skills though.
  12. I see a career for him as a CIA drone pilot - :)
  13. Amazing skill, wonder how many planes he destroyed learning these tricks.
  14. Ha, that would be hilarious. It flies in through the bedroom window, goes downstairs, makes a cup of tea, does a somersault in the living room and then explodes all over the walls.

    Imagine the look on their faces.
  15. #15 Nickers330, Dec 15, 2011
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    Thanks to a mate who sent me this file...now I'm REALLY stepping on my tongue ! LOVE THIS ....


    I mean, that speed is mind-numbing !
    Control ? Piece of cake...wtf ?!
  16. holly jesus man
  17. You'd need eyesight like old man Yeager to do that! I flew OS45 and OS65 4 chan pattern ships, and I had to keep them low and close because I just couldn't see them well enough to figure out orientation. No, I was cheap - I never built one with retracts.
  18. A380 Airbus , jet powered

  19. I call bullshit on all of the above, they're clearly using performance enhancers, both the planes and the operators
  20. Ooooooh....the A380 - NICE !