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Damn, suzuki discontinues the white hyabusa. What do I do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TRA, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I have 4 months till unrestricted. Been riding scoots and bikes for around 10 years. I love the white busa, i reckon its the best bike ever made.

    I think I can get my hands one one. I am pretty anal these days, so I def wont ride it until I am licenced to do so.

    Am I an idiot even considering buying a busa? I think I am, but I keep talking myself into it. Its a weekend bike, and based on my current rides would probably only get used once a month. I keep making excuses... But I love this bike...
  2. theres picks about of a white blackbird on here. It looks awesome.
  3. rejoice. They suck at just about everything except straight lines. And they're ugly.

    I'm sure you wont have any problems, no one is buying them for the above reasons so there will be plenty still around.
  4. Ugly???? I spit on the ground in the general direction of your shadow... By far the best looking bike I have ever seen. I dont ride fast around corners anyway, I is too scared these days.
  5. They look really good in person, not sure what they're like to ride though.
  6. Yes. I originally put ugly as it's biggest problem, but then changed it.

    Sure, some people dig ugly, but that doesn't change the fact.
  7. i agree, damn ugly, cant see what the fascination is apart from speed bragging rights
  8. You look fast going forwards and going backwards.
  9. HAHAHA. Couldn't said it better meself!
  10. c'mon guys, there's no such thing as a bad bike these days, and the big Suzi does everything well

    buy the bike and leave the keys in safe deposit with your bank manager :wink:
  11. Kimmie in Sydney rides a pearl white Blackbird, AngelXX. Looks great as well.

    4 MS's ride Piccys, It on there,
  12. Maybe look into other options?

    Have you even taken one for a test ride and seen if its the bike for you? or do you just get your rocks off because of how fast it is on paper :D?

    Maybe something a little less then one of the biggest sportsbikes in the world would be a good starting point for someone who has ridden less then a year?

    Each to their own though, theres a P plater lurking these forums with a white busa, good for him.

    Im pretty sure you will be able to find one for sale when the time comes mate.

    ps its butt ugly! :p:D (just my opinion)
  13. You have to get what your heart tells you. All my life Ive always loved Viragos but never even thought that one day I might even be riding one but when the time came years later, I just HAD to get one - nothing else would do, and I havent regretted it, even though a LOT of people criticise them. Go for it, if its what you want:)
  14. Wise words ametha!
  15. Hey the darker blue look ok.

    When you're fussy about a clean bike like myself, you steer away from white.
    Even the limited white on my current gs drives me nuts!
  16. Lol. I dont get why everythings they are so ugly! I think they look awesome, and the photo's dont do them justice. =;

    I have never test ridden one, and probably never will. The worlds fastest is not high on my agenda either. It's all about the looks for me.
  17. It has it's better angles,but it's still king for power and reputation for blistering speed. I had the same fascination for the 1100Katana,had to have one..and I did,my only regret was letting her go.
    If you want it,do it.
  18. All good TRA I know how you feel mate, I want one of those new CB1100's and half of the crowd think they are but ugly too (admittedly some parts do need to be changed, but hey its made for modding)...

    Go with the gut! as someone else also said, in this day and age there isn't really a terrible bike in production from the big dealers.
  19. That's a bit harsh? Apart from a full sports bike, what faired bike handles better?
  20. I like them but they have less leg room than a sportsbike. That is pretty sad.

    You can always buy another colour and paint it.