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Damn pine cones !!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Red Dragon, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. This morning I had a new front tyre fitted,so decided
    to take a ride up into the hills to scrub it in :)
    I know,any excuse :grin:
    Well I had only got past Tea Tree Gully pub,On North East Rd
    just past the first double bend when I was picking up speed,
    suddenly,something hit the bottom edge of my helmet,then hit inside
    my right elbow then deflected onto my guts,
    I thought "oh F@#* what was that"
    After the initial shock left me,I imediately thought someone had thrown something at me from the side if the road.so I turned around and went back to investigate.. when I got back to where it happened,I could see
    pine cones scattered all over the place,and one large green one,broken in the middle of the road... The damn thing must have fallen off the big pine tree that was overhanging the road at that spot..

    Nice bruise on arm and gut,plus when I got home,I found that it had
    torn a nice chunk out of my mesh jacket on my gut area...

    Beware those damn pine cones :)
  2. Wondering if there out to get bikers :LOL:

    i hope i dont come across anything like that when i start riding ! :shock:
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  4. Never mind the pine cones, Red.

    Just a bit further up, towards Cuddlee Creek, it's the rock falls that'll really sort you out.....

  5. Keep an eye out for the horse s#&t on that road on race days (ie Adelaide Cup Day on Monday). It's as bad as diesel spills, only smellier.
  6. Thanks qbnspeedfreak must a missed that one,seems like I was more than lucky.
  7. I was at a set of lights in Jolimont near the Hilton there about 17 years ago, just minding my own business when a pinecone fell and hit me square on the head and then my tank and took the paint off. Scared me but mustve been hilarious for the car drivers around me. :oops: I began to swear and cuss at it then realised no point as pinecones dont speak English :grin:
  8. yeah, it's not easy to offend a pine cone.

    you gotta stand straight with ure arms above u like a christmas tree and rock ur pelvis.