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Damn p plater and your cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Enigma, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Ok, most riders I see are very considerate in peak hour traffic.

    But today, whoever you are on your cbr250rr skreaming down city west link. Don't try to speed past me, in the lane that I am in, when I am in front of you. Learn some manners or at least change lane before overtaking me going faster than the posted speed limit!

    Consider ourselves lucky that your tincan exhaust was heard as I was about to move into the left side of the lane and we could of collected each other..

    Why is it that I see a majority ( not all ) L/P cbr250rr riders giving bikers a bad name?

    Don't mean to vent on a fellow rider, but sheesh. I would like to get to my destination safely.


    Ok cbr250rr riders, start flaming me... I got my fireproof vest on.
  2. That bike just attracts the worst kind of riders, the ones who only ride to show off.. Not all of them are like that though. You should come to Sydney and stand in the city on a Fri/Sat night, so many on them with Nikes and hoodies revving their tits off.
  3. was it a matte black 250rr?
  4. Nah, it was a white/red. But then again, there are lots of white/red ones around
  5. Hate to say it but i know people like that, wanting to ride through the city just so everyone has to listen to the "loud" can they have on there bike, which just makes it sound shit.

    This is gonna be the guy in 6 months time on the news after having his liter bike seized, or unfortunately worse...
  6. haha you see it all the time. people who build up their car/bike for the sole purpose of pulling mainies on a saturday night are just complete wankers. Gives the riders and the import world a bad name.
  7. in the month or two ive been attending satdy learner sessions im yet to see one cbr250rr......... i think that explains who buy them.
    (most common bikes for the "respectable/responsible rider" are the ninja (new, not the older inline 4's), vtr, hyosung and any cruiser)
  8. Ha yeah I came across a non p plated cbr250rr the other night. Makes a lovely noise I must say. Unfortunately for him, the guy with the p plate (me) wasn't playing into his jedi mind tricks and instead of dragging off at the lights, I merely got off my bike and was lead away by 45 Ukrainian supermodels.
  9. ^

    Gold!, but why ukranian?.

    Back to cbr250rr, I don't mind them and I'm sure they are good as a learner bike. But why has it become so much of a stereotype to who rides them now.. it's bad for image!.

    For example, I recently spoke to a mate who does not know much about bikes, letting him know I got a new bike. First comment he made was " is it one of those cbr 250 crotch rocket things people get killed on "..
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  10. i hold the mindframe that your first bike should be like your first car...a old thing that looks like a shitheap but gets you where you need to be safely and enable's you to learn....i know bike's are cheaper than new cars (except for a few of the higher end models that aren't lams) but still...there's a good chance as a learner your gonna drop or crash it...why risk that with a brand new bike ...just caus you wanna look flashy
  11. ukranian chicks are hot
  12. Totally LEGAL, get used to it
  13. Because they think its the closest thing to an R1 they can buy on their Ls.

    Because bogans drive holdens, wogs drives skylines and jap-rice-racer drive supras/evos...

    They attract a certain type of person because that person identifies with the image of the vehicle.

    ps. Your friend knows sweet FA. A certain brand of bike doesn't kill people. A certain type of person on bikes kill people :D
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  14. Wise words right there!
  15. Spot on. + 1.
  16. bloody hell you are bunch of elitist pricks,
    Ducati riders are posers,
    Harley riders are tossers,
    now bloody cbr250rrrrrrrrrrr riders are wankers.

    I have met all sorts of knuckle dragging trogladites in cars and on motocicles but I am yet to nail the idiotcy down to a specific vehicle type.. I just treat every vehicle around me like it is being operated by tards..
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  17. Thank my post then you bastards!!!


    =D> :D Great word sir :D

    Its just that those kind of bikes tend to attract more of those kinds of people, than anyone else! Just because you ride a ducati, it doesn't mean you are automatically a latte swilling poser. Theres just a good chance you are :D

    Also, for posterity's sake, we don't think Harley riders are tossers.

    We think they are farmers. 8-[ :bolt:

  18. I challenge you to a duel sir, what do you say to Banjo's at 3 paces..
  19. Fark that.

    The reason country people are good at the banjo are because they have extra fingers because their sister is also their mother and grandmother and their wife...

    You're not from the country are you?
  20. I'm fine with filtering, but my read was that the OP was moving when the offending rider passed him in the same lane.