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Damn Mechanics!!! (rant - bit long) *updated*

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BalmyBrowny, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. i had trouble with my bike so got it off to the mechanic. to get valve clearances checkd and carbies cleaned.
    they had the bike for 4 days. picked it up on the fourth day and rode it home. only takes about 20 - 30 mins about half freeway riding. on the way home the damn thing boils over twice!!!! temp gauge was at about 3/4 both times so didn't see it coming. thought it was unusually warm but didn't expect it to boil over.
    called up mechanic when i finally got it home. he said to check my accessory/overflow tank and fill it full of coolant. take it for a spin and see how i go. did some washing before doin this (so bike was cool again) and off i went. not even 2 mins into ride and happened again. rang him back and he said i'll have to bring it in. i said no worries. then it struck me that i probably won't manke the ride in and rang mechanic back to ask if he thought it would last the trip. he said if it can wait till mon they will have someone pick it up. so today i get the phone call saying they are on their way. and i ask how long it should take to look at the bike. the guy said the mechaninc who worked on my bike isn't back till thurs so he will look at it then!!!!! God damn son of a monkeys uncle.....

    would of thought that it would be a priority seeing as its broken straight after coming from their shop??? although to be fiar he did say they were 2 short this week :( but still. its another week of bussing and asking for lifts to and from work :(

    *edit* sorry mods if in wrong area. pls move if it needs to be somewhere else. thanks :)
  2. fark balmy thats just wrong. If it was my bike i would haul him over the coals for shoddy workmanship.

    I hope its just something simple!!!
  3. What bike?
  4. wadr_4e..... yeah gf is trying to et me to do that!! :p i'm gonna wait and see what this guys says on thurs. from reading other threads on here through searches on boiling over.... looks like head gasket. but thats stupid cause they should of replaced it when they did valve clearances...

    its a 2001 zzr 250 ktulu
  5. WTF!!! are you telling me he took the head off to do the valve clearances? and if he did he didnt change the head gasket? :roll: Was this a dealership or a backyarder? if it was a dealership or a service centre i would see what bs excuse they come up with and if you dont like it start yelling and blaming all dammage must be rectified.

    you could be lucky and its a stuck thermostat valve so dont worry too much! ok..
  6. hhmmmm maybe i should see which mechanic you used so i DONT go to the same one to get my clutch lever replaced........ :shock:

    northside or southside?
    dealer or independent?
    busy or not too busy to book in?
    + any other q's i should ask before i go ahead with booking my bike in.....

    and your story is horribly bad luck....i'm with your gf on this one - rant, rave and make BIIIIIIIIG noises.....
  7. Surly a fellow NR in Briz could show you how to do that kezza. Should take 5 mins :)
  8. Wait and see whats wrong with it first. You want it fixed before p!ssing them off :)
  9. maybe, but then again they've been pretty good and understanding with their time already.....and it probly doesn't hurt for me to find one who is not trying to fit in servicing my bike with their normal day job.....altho i'd be happy to pay going rates to a mate who is qualified and know the money is going to someone worthy than risk just bankrolling someone's retirement....
  10. umm, did you ask the bloke for a full handbook service, or just to look at the carbs and valve clearances.

    If the latter, it's unlikely he got near anything else, and nothing else would cause the problem you have now. One of my pet hates is people telling you what they want done, not what they want fixed! (for example, what you want is to stop it running and idling rough and getting 5mpg. No point asking for a valve check and carb clean if it turns out that the problem was a duff spark plug. Mechanics are usually pretty good about this - if you go in all hot and bothered and say you want "this, this and this", then they'll usually only do that, even if it doesn't fix your problem).
  11. bonox - i had a problem with not having and power after switching over to reserve one time... i can't find my thread here about it :p rang a fw mechanics to try to book it in and ask what the problem was. every single one said that it was carbies. i tried taking them off and giving them a go but i didn't touch the jets or float bowls cause didn't wanna play with it too much when i didn't know what i was doing. so sent it away to the shop. (one of the ones i previously rang) i understand what you are saying. i have a best mate who is an auto mechanic and he says same thing. ask to get problem fixed not work done :)

    2wheelsagain - i'm with you on this one. gonna wait till bike is fixed before trying anything. in case they try to keep bike or something he he

    kezza - was dealership near my work. not prepared to name them yet incase there is a mis-understanding or something that i can't see yet. no use gettin all huffy and down on em when might be no reason. oh and i tried booking it in straight after easter :p they still chokkas even now. had to wait a week and that was with ringing around trying to find one that could do it for me. so always best to book in ahead of time if you can. unless bike is broken like mine of course.

    ward_4e - i have no idea if he took head off or not to be honest with you. i was assuming he would to get at them without really knowing if he would need to. looks like that misunderstanding i was just talking about might come into play here :oops: i like your thought of the thermostat valve. sounds in expensive ;)
  12. sounds like there is air in the cooling system..
  13. true it is prety easy to get at... also he may not have bleed all teh air out of the engine IF he changed the coolant.

    edit: dc beat me to it :p
  14. dc autosport - but they drained all my coolant out and replaced it. wouldnt my 20 - 30 min ride home have gotten that air out? or when it boiled over? (i am no mechanic obviously)
  15. nope there are air pockets in all motorcycles that have bleed nipples on them... each nipple its tweaked open when filling the motor for the air to leak out...

    on my old trumpy there were two or three, one was on teh water pump the second was on the head and the thrid was near the thermostat...
  16. ward_4e - oh ok. well i hope thats all it is :( still not nice to have my bike broken after getting it fixed :(

    if it is something nice and small like that then please excuse my rant :p lol
  17. apprentice made a boo boo
  18. Ive had the exact opposite problem before, eg my work ute (mitsubishi triton, heap of junk) was running rough, had a rough idea it was plugs and points and my boss wouldn't let me fix it myself, so took it to a mechanic, told him my dramas, said it was running rough, fairly sure its plugs and points, so he said no problems. I had to ride my push bike for a week to work, and when i got it back it had the plugs and points done (great, i was right thats what was wrong), but also power steering pump, cv joints, brake disks all replaced/fixed when i _know_ there was nothing wrong with them (considering steering and braking was fine, it was just a block of flats to drive), didn't even consult me about "fixing" them, just did the work and expected to be paid.
  19. I did say usually - and it isn't too hard to take those in your position to the motor traders association for being beyond the scope of work agreed upon.
  20. I took My trumpy was rinning like a dream, life was good and i clocked 40k!!!! So me being the good boy i though no on can service her like a dealership specialising in that brand... So i i took her to a certain dealership in hobart for a 40k touch up service ( the major is at 45) and a throttle balancing as it was burbling a little too much...

    It took two days. No bigge I walk to work most days so i didnt mind. I went and picked her up payed the fee with my yet unborn first son and a pint of my blood. I started her up and was sounding odd... munted not quite getting it right so I though " its hobart in winter its cold" So i let it idle... it stopped as i twisted teh throttle. Thats new so i restarted and stalled it... 2nd odd moment so felling hot in the face i went for a frosty ride and there was nothing just nothing there... It came out the other side unable to idle, guzzeing fuel and the oil looked exactly the same shade of dreary black.

    So I returned and asked politley what did you do? did you do the throttle balancing? no why did you charge me for it? then more words were exchanged with teh head mechanic and with the counter staff over the less than sucessful tune.. The bike was taken in I stood there while they did the works, turns out the didnt change the plugs the first time and siliconed them in?? WTF?. They claimed the oil was dirtied by the clutch and i had to have been doing burnouts to get it that dar that quick, i said i live 2 seconds away and i had did one lap of the domain. They they changed that. T

    hey hooked up the dear-dumb-as-ship gameboy and it had the speed four tune loaded!!!!! Not The TT race tune thats required with the pipe i was running!!! the Co % wasnt reset the throttle wasnt reset etc.... :? sure breeds confidence in "factory trained" proffessional.

    In the end they rectifed their dammage to the bike at no more expense. I went to an aftermarket man from then on. PLUS in the end all i found out was I got a munted tuneup job from god knows who because they wouldnt tell me.