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Damn long armedness

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AshR1, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. hey guys, I suffer the affliction that I'm sure others do as well. I'm tall.

    not stupidly tall, only 6'1" (sorry to the really tall people you're not stupid) but I tried on some a* leathers and found that because I'm skinny and tall the size that fit me around the chest and shoulders was waaaaay too short in the arms and the same with the leather pants, fit around the waist etc but they were part way up my shins.

    Granted they are the only type of leathers I have tried on, I have another option given to me and get Mars leather to make me a jacket but I thought I would "post up" and see if there are any other brands I could try on before commiting to getting a jacket and pants custom made (as it takes more time and a little more money)

    So if someone could help out the skinny gorilla armed guy that'd be super :p

    (lol no I'm not nearly as hairy as a gorilla either :p)
  2. im the same. 6"1 - 6"2 about 75kg athletic build

    i tried on a fair few jackets and found that xlarge(54) fit me pretty well over the sholders ect but was too baggy.

    large fit pretty well in most places a fraction too small for in the shoulders perhaps, arms maybe a fraction short still a little loose around the waist. good around the chest

    medium tight as all buggers around my chest arms too short, too tight on shoulders, fit well if not still a little loose around waist lol.

    I just ordered a large 42/52 astar jacket. I ordered the ATL (dont know if its avail in australia yet) its apparently a relaxed fit which should mean has a little more room in the shoulders hopefully. but yeah. jackets were made for stumpy people but i still feel large fit me pretty well.
  3. To get an ideal fit your options are basically to get custom made, or buy something that is correct for length and have it altered so it fits.

    I get the same problem. Last time I went looking for pants they were up my shins if they fit around the waist or if they were the right length they could fit me and my children in them at the same time. I got them taken in and the problem was solved :grin: Unfortunately though it ends up being more expensive that way, but thems the breaks in an industry that seems to be tailored (pun intended) towards either the short and skinny or the tall and overweight and little in between.
  4. ta

    thanks for the replies guys (I did actually reply before but clearly it didn't work)

    anyways, yeah i think the custom option is a good one, though the mars leather is fairly plain, thinking on a sports bike I need something more like the tigerangel leathers, so might have to drop in there and see what they'll set me back.

    nothing worse than getting ill fitting gear.
  5. The new A* Bat and Track leather pants come in tall sizes now... i'm not sure if you can get them here in Australia, but they're about 2 inches longer than the regular sizes.

    I've found the A* Spinner, One-o-one and Ice jackets have longer arms than some of their other jackets, so if you can try those on, they might fit...

    Hope that helps! :)
  6. umm...

    thanks for that

    I posted a reply but it ended up elsewhere, I'll check them out if I can find them :)
  7. I'm in the same boat but stupidly taller. :LOL:

    I ended up getting Walden Miller to make me something when I was in Adelaide. Still got the same gear nearly 10 years later.

    They ended up making a relatively small size jacket 2" longer in the body and 3" longer in the sleeves. Pants were 3" longer if I recall correctly.

    The only jackets that fit off the shelf were more than the tailored set WITH pants from WM, and the only pants that fit had sliders - not what I needed on a trail bike! Was a no brainer for me. Had some of the stitching come unraveled some time later and they fixed it at no charge other than postage to get the jacket there. Excellent service.
  8. Keep in mind that leathers often sit up the calf for a nice fit under boots and similar with the arms if you have long cuffed gloves.
  9. yeah but they are uncomfortably short in both arms and legs, knees didn't seem to fit right etc

    going to try on the Alpine Star One O One at some stage if I can find someone that stocks it :)
  10. I basically gave up with off the shelf leathers.

    Textiles seem to offer more room for fitting us skinny tall people. These days i'm almost exclusively wearing textiles, specifically the Dririder RalleyCross jacket.
  11. Would they be suitable on a track day though? (given I have an R1 and they go quick)