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Damn kids...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Before i start ill admit outright that this was my own stupid fault and i should have had the proper sense to check before taking off, however... now i do, lesson learnt :).

    Yesterday i was at work, and i could see over in the carpark there were a bunch of kids playing around the few bikes over there, as they do from time to time. Never before was any damage done so noone complained to have them moved away...

    Well i finished work, got on my bike, rode out of the carpark and turned left. About 2km later (80 zone) i come down a small hill to a set of traffic lights, reach for my front brake lever and realise there is none there..... 8-[

    Given i was approaching the lights at a steady pace anyway, some downshifting and gentle rear brake later i came to a safe halt. I came back to the carpark and there was no brake level to be seen - someone undid the lock nut and made off with it... :-s.
    I went straight to a bike shop (slowly and carefully..) which had been advertising longer hours for chrissy time, bought a new lever, stuck it on and went home.

    Could have been a LOT worse... ](*,) and now i will at the least make sure i still have brake levers before i ride off :p.
  2. Crikey!
    That must have been a bit of a shock.

  3. Little bastards...Make sure you give them a solid talking too on the dangers of messing with someones ride when u see them again Mr Messy...

    Ask them how they would have felt if they saw you on the news being put into an ambulance etc, they need a wake up call...
  4. you never noticed your front brake lever missing till 2kms ?? :-s
    i always have two fingers resting on both the levers...all the time...always ready for the signal breaker or the roo. :) Try that out, think its a good practice, and can save your life.

    And, have a word with the security of your office carpark about this. As you said, could have been real bad.
  5. jeeebus. that mustve been a shock and a half.

    I cant stand people who touch other people's shit let alone nick it

  6. While I don't hover over the levers when under way, I always apply the front brake when shifting out of neutral.

  7. Yeah 2km, its a work road where isnt much there to bother you, no traffic, etc. Not much chance of a roo either :p maybe a duck or two.
    If im honest i was still getting myself comfy too :D TMI perhaps haha...

    edit: Silly of me i know :p but its happened haha. Now to learn from the sillyness. :).
  8. I'd report it to the local coppers, they need to know about this because it could have ended up a lot worse.
  9. woh thats pretty frightening! A similer thing happened to me on my old fireblade. The little bolt that holds the clutch lever snapped somewhere during my ride (i'd been on some bumpy roads). I was on the freeway and I reached for the clutch lever and it wasn't there!! I manged to slot it back into position before i needed to stop :p
  10. I chased 3 15 year olds away the other night in my boxers with a baseball bat! The only problem having 2 footy ovals across the road, is the in bred little sods who use it to get pissed then cause chaos.
  11. Geeze, that has the potential to end really badly...
  12. Absolutely. I'm tending to +1 telling the police- it doesn't matter if it was intended as a joke, It's a serious matter to tamper with someone's brakes (even if they didn't know what it was). They need to understand that in order to prevent potential heartache or injury to the next sod who they end up playing a trick on. Even if that person just drops it in the parking lot out of surprise, its still a hassle and really not something you'd want others to have to go through.
  13. Rather then get cops involved, i had a word with the security dude who is supposed to keep the carpark clear of that sort of thing. Like i said though it hadnt happened before, and hell, maybe it *wasnt* the kids, and someone is out to get me......


    Anyway, he has said he will keep em out, and an eye on the bikes/cars... even though he is supposed to do that in the first place ](*,).
  14. …and people ask me why I hate kids so much. That's attempted murder as far as I'm concerned.